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The Worst Episode In Good Girls Season 4

NBC's dramedy series "Good Girls" takes everything TV viewers knew about hard criminals and flips it on its head. The series follows three moms — Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), her sister Annie Marks (Mae Whitman), and their best friend Ruby Hill (Retta). The ladies are each struggling to make ends meet for various reasons, leading them to rob a grocery store for the money. One impulsive decision then leads them to a veritable life of crime that lasts throughout the show's four seasons. 

"Good Girls" is the perfect mix of light-hearted comedy and thrilling drama. Viewers get to see seemingly regular suburban moms deal with cold-hearted criminals, launder money in their homes, and attempt to hide their double lives from their families. NBC canceled the series after Season 4, leaving fans with lingering questions and plenty to discuss — including which episode from the fourth and final season is the actual worst. Given the lack of closure, the answer was obvious.

Fans were disappointed with the unfinished ending

Fans on Reddit seem to have come to a consensus that the final episode of "Good Girls" is not only the worst of Season 4, but one that does a disservice to the greater story. The series wraps up with Beth coming to terms with her life as a criminal. In fact, she is elected to city council, meaning she wields more power over her one-time crime boss and sometimes lover Rio (Manny Montana). Annie ends up in jail after taking the fall for her sister, and Ruby must decide whether or not to move on with her life in Nevada, or stay behind with her friends. 

Particularly, fans were not happy with how many questions were left unanswered from the show. U/emersonlakeandlagoon wrote, "So Annie's in jail and that's okay? And what does Beth have over Rio, anyways? Did Ruby and Stan escape? What about all that MLM crap? I just don't get it." 

Other fans, like u/ConnoisseurSir, were hoping the show would redeem itself with a nice ending that never came to pass.

U/Realityneal believes the show needed another season to wrap things up. "I wish they could have worked out a deal," they wrote. 

Ultimately, the ending of "Good Girls" was definitely not what the show, or its die-hard fans, deserved, and that makes the finale the worst episode of Season 4.