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Choose Or Die 2 - What We Know So Far

Netflix's "Choose or Die" may appear as though it reached its endgame, but not without murmurs of a continuation on retro-gaming slasher-flick. On April 15, Netflix released "Choose or Die" to some admittedly sour reception. The film, which follows the players of a supernatural '80s text-based computer game that inflicts damage on victims in the real world, debuted as a critical flop. The film currently has a critic rating of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score dipping to an abysmal 25%. Critics panned the film on various fronts, with many zeroing in on its inability to tell a meaningful story through all its gory slasher tropes.

Nonetheless, there may be a 1UP in "Choose or Die's" future. While Netflix has not confirmed whether there will be a "Choose or Die 2," its director has revealed that he and his colleagues have plans for a sequel. Providing the benefit of the doubt, "Choose or Die 2" could learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, and provide something closer to what fans and critics are looking for. Here is what we know so far.

Choose or Die 2 could show us the future and past of CURS>R

The first "Choose or Die" had a grimly bittersweet ending. Though the protagonist, Kayla (Iola Evans) managed to survive CURS>R, the cursed text-based adventure game that compels players to choose gruesome tortures for people around them, she can never be truly free of it. After speaking with its creator, Beck, she elects to use CURS>R as punishment for those who she feels deserve it. Thus, "Choose or Die" leaves room for a second adventure. In an interview with Den of Geek, director Toby Meakins revealed that he definitely has the background material to back this up.

"We didn't just write a feature script for this," Meakins said. "We have this curse going back to when the first pilgrims went to America, during the period where people were so hungry that they were digging up bodies and eating the leather belts on those they buried. We even know where it came from in Europe. We know what we'd want to do with the story going forwards with a prequel, a sequel, or even a TV show."

Though Meakins never revealed what his exact plans for a "Choose or Die" sequel might be, it's not hard to see how a sequel might play out. Aside from learning more about the curse, we could get to see how Kayla's retribution works out, and whether she would remain the hero despite using something so inherently evil.