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The Creepiest Crime Scene From CSI Season 6

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" has become comfort viewing for a lot of people, which is interesting when considering how the show frequently deals with shocking murders. The basic premise remains the same for almost every episode. A murder takes place, and it's up to the central team to solve it. They'll have to make do with whatever evidence is left behind at the crime scene, as well as testimony from people involved with the case or victim, to determine who was ultimately responsible for the heinous crime. 

More times than not, the team's successful in their mission, which is impressive considering how there are ample cases where not a lot of evidence is left behind at the crime scene. And typically, a lot of attention goes toward these sequences due to how gruesome they become. Sometimes it's a crime scene itself that turns one's stomach; in other instances, it's the madness behind the crime that stays in viewers' memories. And "CSI" Season 6 has one that falls into the latter category that's bound to make people's heads spin.

The Unusual Suspect follows a terrifying, unnerving case

It takes a sick, depraved individual to commit the kind of crimes the CSI team sees on a regular basis. Even hearing the phrase "sick, depraved individual" likely brought a certain archetype to mind. But what's one to do when the suspected killer outsmarts you at every turn?

That was the case with the Season 6 episode, "The Unusual Suspect." The investigation kicks off when a young high school girl is found half-naked in the school grounds' flowerbed. It's a gruesome scene, made all the more tragic by the victim's age. One of the girl's classmates, Marlon (Douglas Smith), is put on trial for the murder, but things are thrown in the air when his 12-year-old sister, Hannah (Juliette Goglia), confesses to the murder during the trial. A twisted game of cat-and-mouse ensues that follows throughout the episode's duration as everyone tries to figure out what really transpired. 

By the end of the episode, Hannah confesses that Marlon was behind it all along, but she took the fall because she knows she'll be better off getting potentially convicted than him. The moment she reveals what really happened is one of the most chilling in the entire series and just goes to show how dangerous a young prodigy can be.