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Why Moon Knight Fans Are Convinced We See Jake Lockley In Episode 5

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 5

Through the wild ride that has been Marvel's "Moon Knight," we've spent plenty of time watching Oscar Isaac bicker with himself in between scenes of him wearing one of the coolest outfits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Well, two of them, actually.) After all this, though, one key component to the Fist of Khonshu's identity has been one that we've not yet seen on screen. Teased in two episodes of the series so far by way of a blood-soaked blackout and a rattling sarcophagus, fans have been waiting with bated breath for Marc Spector's (Isaac) other alternate personality that comes with some carefully combed facial hair in the comics: Jake Lockley.

In the comics, Lockley was initially a cab driver that sought out info on a street level to help in Marc aka Moon Knight's mission to protect the travelers of the night. Rougher around the edges than the rest of the alters, he contrasted greatly with Steven Grant (also Isaac), who was a Tony Stark-type socialite and a far cry from the version we get on the show. Given the evidence shown so far, it seems that the iteration of Lockley in live-action could be different from the original, as well, and if fans' guesses are correct, this week's episode might've given us our first good look at him.

Fans suspect Dr. Harrow might've had a brief chat with Jake Lockley

In Episode 5 of "Moon Knight," between boat rides through the afterlife and chats with approachable hippo deities, Marc and Steven find themselves in a decked-out office belonging to Dr. Harrow (Ethan Hawke) during their snaps back to what may or may not be "reality." However, one scene reveals Khonshu's vessel of justice being overly aggressive, wielding jet black eyes and a busted nose, as well as what briefly sounds like a New York accent. Factoring in all these details suggests that this might well be our first introduction to the third and unseen personality that could appear next week.

User u/cherrib0mbb made the observation on Reddit following the episode's airing. "The slightly different accent, the bandage on the nose and different attitude," all felt like hallmarks of someone that was neither Steven nor Marc. Following on from this theory, u/KellytheJellyMan chimed in, saying, "calling it now that just as Steven was created as a fusion of Marc and a movie character, Jake will have been made out of a fusion of Marc and a movie character, specifically Travis Bickle from 'Taxi Driver.'"

While we can't imagine a Bickle variant being the kind of character to ask "are you talkin' to me?" it's certainly an exciting idea with a boatload of evidence from this week. We can only see if Mr. Lockley finally reveals himself when the "Moon Knight" finale arrives on Disney+ on May 4.