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The Actress Who Plays Rennala In Elden Ring Is Gorgeous In Real Life

If you're committed to beating FromSoftware's absurdly challenging magnum opus "Elden Ring," then there's little hope in trying to dodge Rennala. Aside from being custom-built for the express purpose of making video game players cry, she's also one of the several bosses in the game that may be required to progress, depending on what route you take. As one of the shardbearers, she's also one of the key bosses among the dozens the player will encounter. 

Rennala has a backstory befitting her status. She's the head of the Carian Royal Family of sorcerers, the ex-wife of the god Radagon (aka the final boss), and is one of the primary obstacles preventing players from advancing to the city of Lleyndell, where they might enter the Erdtree and become Elden Lord. Upon beating her, players not only get to progress the main story, but they also get to respec their character with the warming stone she keeps with her at all times.

However, there's more to Rennala than just being a boss and a tool to restart one's build from the ground up. Much of her importance as a character is sold by her voice acting, done by the talented and gorgeous Welsh actor Mali Harries. 

Harries is a star of Welsh TV dramas

People in most of the world may not recognize the name Mali Harries, but folks who live in Great Britain certainly might. According to IMDb, Harries has been in the acting game for some time, with her earliest role dating back to 1996. However, she is likely most well-known for her roles in Welsh-English TV series like "The Indian Doctor" and the crime drama "Hinterlands." Both of these series earned her nominations at the Welsh BAFTAs, with "Hinterlands" netting her a win in 2016. 

Unfortunately, Harries hasn't received the same renown internationally as she has back in Britain. Though, much of this can be attributed to the fact that she hasn't been in many internationally popular roles. Aside from "Elden Ring," which already stands as one of the most popular games of 2022, the only other major international properties she has appeared in are an episode of "Doctor Who" and a small role in the romantic comedy "Leap Year." Hopefully, "Elden Ring" will be a role that brings Harries some international recognition for her talent.