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The Most Selfless Vikings Character According To Fans

History's "Vikings" is six seasons of historical drama that focuses on the titular Scandinavian longship-sailing raiders and their often uneasy interactions with other countries — and, more often than not, each other. Since the show is all about Vikings, and specifically, raider king Ragnar Lothbrok's (Travis Fimmel) family, many of the central characters are quite naturally a bit on the morally ambiguous, pillage-minded side. Several of the kings, earls, and warriors that they face over the course of the show aren't too altruistic, either. After all, this is a time when survival is difficult — and often, living to see another day can be even more challenging when you're wearing the crown. 

However, some fans have decided to peer in another direction, and voted between two of the show's characters that they feel are the least selfish. Let's see who won the unofficial title of the most selfless character in "Vikings." 

Fans think Helga is a truly selfless person

The characters in "Vikings" are far from one-dimensional, and as such, there are several characters who have moments of true selflessness. Of course, many of them aren't above focusing on themselves every once in a while, either. 

The Reddit vote where 191 fans cast a ballot determined two "Vikings" characters who are truly selfless. One of them is Torvi (Georgia Hirst), who begins her "Vikings" tenure as Jarl Borg's (Thorbjørn Harr) wife, and goes on to have a pretty selfless character arc that has nevertheless been called one of the worst storylines in "Vikings" due to its perceived lack of impact in the larger plot. The other is Helga (played by Georgia's sister Maude Hirst), the loving, long-suffering partner of the eccentric boat builder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

Ultimately, Helga's deep devotion and compassion reigned supreme in the minds of fans, as she won the vote with 112 votes against Torvi's 79.