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Fans Of Love, Victor Just Got Exciting Disney+ News

"Love, Victor" started life as a spinoff of the popular big-screen romantic drama "Love, Simon." The show is about Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), who has recently transferred to Creekwood High School. Victor is, like many teenagers, in a state of flux — trying to figure out his sexuality and his social position as he adjusts to a new town. Along for the ride are Mia Brooks (Rachel Hilson), Victor's former girlfriend; Felix Westen (Anthony Turpel), his geeky next-door neighbor; and Benji Campbell (George Sear), a confident fellow student who eventually becomes Victor's boyfriend. The teens grow and change and learn what they want out of life as time goes on. Simon Spier (Nick Robinson in the "Love, Simon" film) is still a minor part of the narrative, providing advice to Victor long-distance via letters and phone calls after Victor reaches out for advice.

The first two seasons of "Love Victor" streamed exclusively on Hulu even though the show was developed for airing on Disney+. There were, per an article published in Forbes Magazine in 2020, concerns about the series' content that caused Disney to shift the program to the more all-ages-friendly Hulu platform.  But for its 3rd and final season, it seems that there will be a change of plans for the show's accessibility. 

Love, Victor will find a home on Disney+ after all

Per Variety, "Love, Victor"'s final season — along with its first two — will be made available on Disney+ and Hulu on the same date. Variety states that "Love Victor"'s 3rd season will debut on the platforms on June 15, as will the show's first two seasons on Disney+. It's certainly an exciting development for fans of the program, which, according to the publication, was one of Hulu's most popular originals during its 1st season.

Per a statement from Hulu president Joe Earley, which was published by Variety, the series will be joining Disney+ partly in celebration of Pride Month. "In addition to highlighting this groundbreaking series, this will give subscribers a chance to sample more content that is available across our streaming services," he added. Earley went on to specifically mention shows like "black-ish," which has run successfully on ABC, Hulu, and in syndication.  Fans will have to wait to see what this new level of exposure will mean for "Love, Victor."