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Why Camila Elizonndro From Ozark Season 4 Looks So Familiar

As Netflix's "Ozark" enters the second half of its final season, things have only grown more contentious. When we last left the Byrde family, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) were confronted by Ruth (Julia Garner) over several deaths committed by Javier (Alfonso Herrera). The second half of the fourth season will see the Byrdes continue to navigate this treacherous territory, and Ruth and Javier are far from the only bad guys out there who can threaten their lives and livelihoods. 

Javier is just one in a long line of threats to the Byrdes, and he's a fairly recent addition to the cast. He joined the series in Season 4, proving there were still nefarious foes out there ready to cause the family trouble. Javier is joined in the final season by his mother, Camila Elizonndro, played by Veronica Falcón. 

Falcón is a seasoned actress with numerous roles to her name. Whether you realized it or not, you've probably seen her in other films and TV shows before, and here are some of the other big titles on her resume

She played Mama Donya in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Mama Donya in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" may not get a lot to say, but her importance to the plot cannot be overstated. As mentioned throughout the series, Mama Donya, played by Falcón, took in Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) after the events of Thanos' Snap. Plenty of people were left devastated after that event, and Mama Donya helped many people get back on their feet. After the people dusted away by the Snap came back in the Blip, many people affected were placed in resettlement camps, including Mama Donya.

It was in one of these camps she acquired tuberculosis and soon passed away from the illness. Karli's efforts through the Flag Smashers were inspired mainly by Mama Donya and the belief the world was better off before half the population came back. While she was significant in terms of the plot, Falcón didn't necessarily have a ton to do on-screen. That's due to the fact she was initially meant to have a much larger and more active role.

As mentioned in IndieWire, she was supposed to have a four-episode arc out of the show's originally planned ten episodes. Those got reduced to six episodes in the wake of COVID-19, and much of her character's part was left out. She'd speak of the cut, "Sometimes it happens and you end up on the cutting room floor." Still, Falcón has plenty of other credits to her name where she can show off her immense talent.

She next appeared in The Forever Purge

2021 was a very good year for the actress. In addition to appearing in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," she also popped up in "Why Women Kill," "Mr. Corman," and "The Forever Purge."

The latest installment in the "Purge" franchise sees the one-day-only event turn into a year-round celebration. Plus, purgers have moved beyond merely attacking the most vulnerable in society. They've set their sights on the elite and politicians, resulting in martial law going into effect across the land. It's a terrifying ordeal for all of those involved, and one of the people who finds themselves fighting for their lives is a woman named Lydia, played by Veronica Falcón, who's part of a faction to help people survive the Purge by moving them across the border. 

Similar to her role in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," she plays someone who looks after others, ensuring those who require assistance during turbulent times have support. 

She then showed up in Disney's Jungle Cruise

If that wasn't enough to have on the actress' plate in 2021, she also acted in Disney's "Jungle Cruise" as Trader Sam. She's the chief of the Puka Michuna tribe and a longtime friend of Frank's (Dwayne Johnson). 

Trader Sam is, of course, well known for having a role in the iconic Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland, but Falcón was able to bring something different and unique to the part. In an interview with Collider, she spoke about how the character was pitched to her, "I don't exactly recall the description in the casting, but it was ... it made allusion to the character was a little bit of a merchant, a little bit of an inventor, a little bit of a chief of a tribe. A little eccentric, funny." 

Suffice to say, Falcón embodied all of those aspects of the character and then some. And with the announcement of "Jungle Cruise 2" on the way, hopefully, it's not the last time we see the actress as Trader Sam.