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The Best Stellaride Moment From Chicago Fire Season 7

The ongoing romance between Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) has been thrilling fans since they first set eyes upon each other in Season 5 of NBC's "Chicago Fire," when they began developing a close friendship. Since then they've had some major ups and some major downs — sometimes all within the space of a few episodes.  

Severide and Kidd are currently engaged to be married, this in spite of some worrying touch-and-go moments after Stella headed to Boston to take care of some charity work and dropped all contact with everyone back in Chicago for a number of months. But they're happily back together as of press time and currently planning their upcoming wedding.

In celebration of the couple's ongoing success, let's look all the way back at Season 7 of "Chicago Fire" to find the best Stellaride moment of the entire season. Which moment do you think we picked for the best and most interesting moment between these two long-term loves?

The couple's romantic reunion scored high marks with fans

It's kinda hard to pick out the very best Stellaride moment in Season 7, since that was the year Stella and Kelly break up for the first time (it happens during Episode 10 of the season, "Inside These Walls" and stretches on to the season finale, "I'm Not Leaving You.") Then again, sometimes bittersweet longing is all a couple really needs to make their love paramount.

In "I'm Not Leaving You," Kelly has spent three episodes investigating a suspected arson case at a beauty salon with the help of detectives over on "Chicago P.D.". In spite of the ongoing tension between them, Stella has volunteered to help him with search up Carol Spears (Kate Middleton), the suspected arsonist and a known firebug. Stella refuses to take no for an answer and chooses to help out Kelly. They search up Carol's husband, who's accused of helping to hide Carol. Though the fight is dangerous, Kidd subdues Carol and they bring her in. This comes in the wake of Kelly learns about Stella's relationship with Grant, a man she could never help.

Later, Kelly and Stella finally have an emotional heart-to-heart over their break-up at their cabin. He tells her that he's determined to be a better man for her, the man she deserves and needs. That requires shedding his emotional remoteness and the walls he's built up in an attempt at protecting himself in the wake of his father's death. The scene ends with a big kiss and some fireside lovemaking.

Not only does this herald Stellaride's big reunion, but it's a major step forward emotionally for the closed-off Kelly, who finally allows Stella in emotionally for the first time. That openness leads to a happy relationship and a memorable scene.