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G. Callen's Best Moment In NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6

In the mainline "NCIS" series, the cases for which the Naval Criminal Investigative Service team is responsible typically involve significant detective work, meaning that its protagonists are oftentimes working behind-the-scenes for some time before entering into a dangerous situation. Spinoff series "NCIS: LA," meanwhile, follows an NCIS branch called the Office of Special Projects, which specializes in undercover operations. Due to the team's unique nature, many of the missions that fall under its jurisdiction end up considerably more action-packed than those undertaken by the cast members of the original "NCIS."

G. Callen (former movie star Chris O'Donnell) is the agent in charge of the OSP in "NCIS: LA." Because of his central role on the show, he's oftentimes at the heart of its action-oriented storylines. For example, in a standout Season 4 moment, Callen infiltrates a terrorist organization and almost loses his life to a bombing trying to stop them.

Callen's best moment from "NCIS: LA" Season 6 similarly sees the OSP leader in a life-threatening terrorist scenario, but this time around, his failure would mean the detonation of a much bigger bomb than his mission two seasons prior.

Callen stops a submarine from blowing up an aircraft carrier in San Diego

In the "NCIS: LA" Season 5 finale, an investigation into the death of a Navy engineer leads the OSP to discover a terrorist plot to weaponinze a submarine loaded with explosive chemicals. While G. Callen and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) successfully infiltrate the submarine, they end up stuck onboard with two terrorists by the episode's end.

In the Season 6 premiere, Callen and Sam must figure out how to escape this submarine, which is on a crash course for an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Its pilots have no intention of letting anyone leave before impact, meaning that, should Callen and Sam fail to stop them, the two OSP agents and everyone on the aircraft carrier are at risk of losing their lives.

Callen's best moment in the episode, and arguably in the entirety of Season 6, comes when he and Sam figure out how to start a fire that allows them to breach the submarine's hull. As a result, their captors must free the OSP agents, allowing them access to the submarine at large. This act spearheads their plan to successfully stop the submarine bomb.

The "NCIS: LA" Season 6 premiere is an example of the show's stakes at their highest. Furthermore, Callen's quick thinking allowing him to stop a bomb from within is an example of the OSP leader at his coolest and most capable.