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Chasing Waterfalls Wasn't Filmed Where You Think

Most Hallmark Channel movies are based in quaint small towns filled with charming little shops and kind-hearted residents. As for "Chasing Waterfalls," part of Hallmark's Spring Fling offering of films in 2021, there's a change in scenery.

Starring Cindy Busby as Amy Atwater, a driven photojournalist with "Explorer Global Magazine," the feel-good flick chronicles her journey to Pinestone Lake Lodge to track down and shoot never-before-seen waterfalls, including the mythical Redwood Falls. Surrounded by forests and streams, Amy is out of her element in this natural environment. However, she becomes enthralled by the scenic views, as well as her tour guide Mark North (Christopher Russell). This dynamic acting duo previously appeared together in 2020's "Love in the Forecast."

As is the case with most Hallmark films, the two fall for each other while exploring Mother Nature. Not only does Mark help Amy locate her desired photography subjects, he assists her in acclimating to the outdoors, including hiking the trails, scaling a cliff and even diving into water.

"Chasing Waterfalls" might not break any boundaries regarding its romantic plotline, but its endless visually-appealing scenes make it a unique addition to the Hallmark lineup. Let's take a look at where it was filmed.

Chasing Waterfalls was filmed at several spots near Vancouver

The majority of Hallmark Channel films are shot in Canada near Vancouver (via Country Living) and "Chasing Waterfalls" is no different. According to leading lady Busby (via On TV Today), "The locations were incredible, so majestic. Most of them were within an hour of downtown Vancouver."

Much filming took place in summer 2020 at Camp Goodtimes, a real-life camp for children diagnosed with cancer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the camp was closed at the time. In an interview with TV Goodness, Busby praised the beauty of the spot, including its lack of cell phone service. She said, "Nobody was on their phones and we were just together. It was kind of nice to just really connect with [each other], which probably made the experience that much better."

As for Amy's desired destination of Redwood Falls, this waterfall is portrayed in the film by Cascade Falls, located in the Hatzic Valley (via Atlas of Wonders). Meanwhile, the fictional Falcon Falls that Amy successfully scales down is the Squamish-based Mamquam Falls.

While no body doubles were used in "Chasing Waterfalls," not even when Busby and Russell immersed themselves in 40-degree water, the actress was thrilled to be part of something "different" for Hallmark that "really showcases nature."