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Is There Really A Superman Reference In Every Seinfeld Episode?

It is no secret that the worlds of Jerry Seinfeld and Superman are interconnected. The two even appeared onscreen together in multiple American Express ads, with the Kryptonian appropriately voiced by "Seinfeld" star Patrick Warburton.

What exactly do the New York comedian/sitcom star and the DC Comics creation have in common? It all begins with this '90s sitcom you might've heard of called "Seinfeld." The show made stars out of its cast, especially Seinfeld himself, but it's the smaller, stranger bits of the series that have kept fans talking for years. Whether it's debates about muffin tops versus bottoms or the creation of the series within the series itself, "Seinfeld" has plenty for fans to pick apart and debate. 

One popular discussion among fans is the involvement of Superman in the show. The character is referenced often by Seinfeld and his friends and his logo frequently appears in the background of scenes. The homages to the Man of Steel littered throughout "Seinfeld" are so often and so noticeable that many have argued that at least one reference is made in every episode from the show's nine seasons. 

Seinfeld and Superman sold American Express cards together, and we all know how bonding that can be, so their friendship is not in question. What is in question is whether Superman made his way into every episode of the iconic sitcom.

Superman is not referenced in every episode

The debate about how often Superman is referenced in "Seinfeld" still goes on today, with some insisting that the Man of Steel is always there, like clockwork — except he's not. In fact, a guide to Superman references, called Superman Homepage, highlights the many episodes in which he's not referenced at all. According to this episode rundown, some memorable items in Seinfeld's apartment don't show up until later in the show, despite some fans likely thinking they are always set decorations. These items include a Superman statue that is often in the background of scenes but doesn't show up until Season 5, while a magnet on Jerry Seinfeld's fridge is also a common sight, but doesn't pop in until Season 4. 

In a Reddit discussion about Superman references in "Seinfeld," u/mygawd posted an Easter Egg Archive page that breaks down references further, finding over 50 episodes with no reference to the Justice League leader. But there are still more than 120 episodes with some kind of Superman reference and over 20 in which there is a verbal nod. According to "Seinfeld" writer Peter Mehlman, who guest-wrote an article for the publication Parade, one of the reasons Superman is referenced so often in the sitcom is that he is a direct moral contrast to the main characters, as the superhero represents all that is good with the world and people, while "the 'Seinfeld' characters were devoted to lying, cheating, and getting their own way."