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Who Was The Oldest Person To Ever Host SNL?

Since 1975, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" has been delivering sketches, stand-up comedy, and rollicking musical performances that engage with the pop culture zeitgeist of the day. In addition to tackling ripped-from-the-headlines topics, the show also stays fresh by tapping celebrity guest hosts, often ones who are enjoying a moment in the hot seat, to join in on the fun.

There are a couple of interesting ways that certain "SNL" hosts stand out. For instance, actor, comedian, and writer Steve Martin is remarkable for having hosted 15 times. Meanwhile, action hero Steven Seagal is considered by even "SNL" cast members to be one the worst hosts (via Rolling Stone), and a certain political leader who used to be a reality TV star has hosted ... twice. With some notable talents such as Drew Barrymore hosting at the startling age of seven, it may seem as though "SNL" is a young performer's game. However, that's not exactly the case. The show has brought on some seasoned veterans of the entertainment industry, including one beloved TV star who still holds the record as the oldest celebrity to ever host "Saturday Night Live."

Betty White hosted SNL when she was 88 years old

On May 8th, 2010, the late Betty White hosted "Saturday Night Live" at the incredible age of 88. She holds the title as the oldest host by a significant margin, with the next in line being Ruth Gordon and Miskel Spillman, who both hosted their respective episodes at the still impressive age of 80 (via Oldest.org). For White's appearance in the 35th season, her opening monologue focused on the Facebook fan campaign that netted her the live gig. She poked fun at frequent users of the social media site, but in true White form, she also ingratiated herself to the participants that pushed for appearance, saying, "I feel so loved, thank you."

White won an Emmy for her episode of "SNL," which also included a number of skits in which she appeared. The "Golden Girls" star passed away mere days before she could achieve another truly magnificent milestone: reaching the age of 100. Although on paper she never reached the triple digits, fans around the world have mentally fudged the numbers, just for the world's coolest lady.