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Elden Ring: How To Dodge Godskin Noble's Roll Attack

It's no secret that "Elden Ring" is a challenging game. There is a massive open world for players to explore alongside their trusty horse Torrent and as they progress, they will uncover tons of sprawling dungeons. All of the Lands Between are crawling with scary enemies that are more than willing to send the player to a "You're Dead" screen, but it's the bosses they really have to look out for. Boss fights in "Elden Ring" are as much about perseverance and learning to read an enemy's attack patterns as they are about skill. Sometimes a player will be banging their head against the wall trying to beat the same boss for hours, only to discover a new strategy that suddenly makes the fight much more manageable.

The Godskin Nobles are optional bosses that can be encountered in several different locations across the map. Players can find them at the bridge in Carian Study Hall, Crumbling Farum Azula, Spiritcaller's Cave, and Volcano Manor. These giant masses of flesh have large rapiers and black flame magic, but one of their more insidious moves is a roll attack. This can seem tricky to avoid at first, but there are a few secrets to avoiding this attack that can make it much easier to deal with.

Run circles around it

When performing the roll attack, the Godskin Noble dives onto their side before rolling around the room, crushing everything in their path like the nightmare version of a Goron. It's easy for a player to be thrown off balance by this attack since the Godskin Noble is generally very slow-moving throughout all of his other attacks. The good news is that the Godskin Noble telegraphs this attack a lot, so it's pretty easy to know when one of them is about to come rolling at the player. First,frw23dw2 they puff out their bodies, then they do a dramatic swan dive onto their side before engaging in the roll.

The YouTube account LazyMaybe posted a video advising two tactics for dodging these attacks. They suggest that the easy way is to simply sprint forward at a diagonal curve. This will keep the Godskin Noble perpetually trying to curve its attack to hit the player, but keeping it just out of reach until the attack ends. There is a danger of the noble getting snagged on a piece of debris and thereby throwing off the timing, however. The second, harder method involves squaring off against the boss and then dodging through its attack at the very last second. This requires perfect timing and a slight curve to the roll in order to avoid being hit with the back end of the attack. There's a third, more reliable way to avoid this monstrous attack, but it requires a bit more preparation.

Just roll with it

The third method for avoiding the Godskin Noble's roll attack was shared on Reddit by user frigidkitsune. The post featured a video in which the player-character was wearing a suit of Godskin Noble Armor and wielding the Dark Moon Greatsword. The clip begins with the player landing a few hits on the Godskin Noble before backing away and preparing for its roll attack. The player then positioned themselves next to a nearby pillar and waited for the boss to initiate its roll. When it did, the player used the Lightning Ram skill to roll around the pillar in the same direction as the boss, perfectly matching the pace of the Godskin Noble who continued rolling around the other side of the pillar, unable to catch them.

This seems to be the easiest and most reliable method as it is easier to execute than dodging through and it doesn't run the risk of the Godslayer getting snagged on objects in the field. Those who wish to use it must first obtain and equip the Lightening Ram ash of war, however. It's located just a bit to the south of the Sainted Hero's Grave in the Atlus Plateau and can easily be obtained once the area is unlocked.