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The Magic School Bus Rides Again In New Trailer From Netflix

Oh, The Magic School Bus. Not quite as fun as a real field trip, but easily the second-best way to spend a school day. 

Airing for three years in the mid-1990s, the educational Saturday morning cartoon The Magic School Bus also enjoyed a robust run on home video, with its cast of animated students taking off-the-wall field trips in the titular bizarro bus to learn about dinosaurs, the human body, and the outer reaches of space. 

The students were led on their trips by the thoroughly unhinged fun teacher Miss Frizzle, played by comedian Lily Tomlin. The field trips frequently turned into high-stakes adventures; while Miss Frizzle did seem to be solely motivated by the goal of teaching her students how the world worked, she didn't necessarily have their best interests in mind. (Remember the one where Arnold almost freezes to death at the edge of the solar system? Terrifying.)

Twenty years later, Netflix is bringing the show back in a revived version for 26 episodes, with a new animation style and cast. Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters' Kate McKinnon will be taking over teaching duties from Lily Tomlin, who appears in the trailer as the original Miss Frizzle to pass off the keys to the bus to McKinnon's character, her kid sister Fiona. A passion for education and reckless child endangerment runs in the family, it seems. That all makes sense, but who's running this school?

The Magic School Bus Rides Again premieres on Netflix on September 29. Check out the theme song, performed by Hamilton and Moana songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda in the trailer above, and keep the nostalgia train rolling with our feature on classics from the 90s that would totally fail today.