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Where Is Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Actually Filmed?

Though much of the original "Gold Rush" series is centered around the harsh, unforgiving wilderness of Alaska, the series and its various spin-offs have also brought audiences to a wide array of different locations all across the world. "Gold Rush: The Jungle," for instance, saw "Gold Rush" star Todd Hoffman traveling to Guyana in an attempt to open a remote gold mine, and "Gold Rush: South America" followed Hoffman and his team as they visited Chile and Peru.

"Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" saw series lead Parker Schnabel traveling to locations such as Papua New Guinea and also showcased Schnabel's attempts to follow the infamous Klondike Trail across Canada. Suffice to say, hunting for gold in new locations has become a well-established aspect of the "Gold Rush" formula, and no show better represents this trope than "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine." 

"Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine" follows former "Gold Rush" cast member Dave Turin as he attempts to revive abandoned gold mines across America, and as such the show is constantly switching between locations — though fans ought to be happy to hear that the team genuinely shoots on location everywhere they go.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Mine Rescue is filmed at various abandoned mines throughout the Western United States

Throughout the series' first three seasons, "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine" has filmed all across the Western United States, setting up shop in Arizona, Colorado, and Montana. Season three saw the team filming at the abandoned Lovitt Day Mine in Colorado, before reviving a defunct mine in Arizona (per IMDb), and eventually setting their sights on returning to Alaska once more. Every old, decrepit mine shaft or dig site you see in "Dave Turin's Lost Mine" is 100% genuine, as the entire series is shot on location.

In addition to shooting at the Lovitt Day Mine, the series has also shot at the Lynx Creek mine site in Prescott Valley, Arizona (per IMDb), as well as Box Creek (via The Diggings) – a mining district in Colorado that encompasses over 50 active gold mining sites, according to Discovery. Filming on location at all of these historic mining sites gives the show an air of authenticity that is hard to come by in reality television. especially due to some of the previous criticisms of "Gold Rush" that questioned the show's legitimacy

In any case, it's nice to know that the abandoned mines in "Dave Turin's Lost Mine" are completely authentic, and that he truly has his work cut out for him when it comes to getting said mines up and running again.