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The Goofy Scene That Severance Fans Can't Help But Love

Created by Dan Erickson, the Apple TV+ hit series "Severance" recently debuted to widespread praise from critics (via Rotten Tomatoes). The prestige series follows a group of employees who work for a mysterious corporation called Lumon. The core ensemble — Mark (Adam Scott), Helly (Britt Lower), Dylan (Zach Cherry), and Irving (John Turturro) — have undergone a company-approved surgery called "severance," which involves separating their memories of life inside the office from those of their life outside the office. Throughout Season 1, the Lumon staff members begin to grow suspicious of their employer and attempt to uncover what, exactly, is taking place within the sterile walls of the corporation.

Upon its release, viewers celebrated "Severance" for its nuanced critique of the capitalist grind. As Naomi Fry of The New Yorker articulated, "'Severance' is political in spite of itself—the employees' dawning realization of their mutual oppression makes them accidental proletariat." As soon as Mark and his colleagues step inside their office elevator, they mentally switch from "outies," the versions of themselves that exist outside work, and become "innies," their personas that only remember their jobs. Notably, Lumon strives to mitigate the emotional discomfort that the innies experience by rewarding them with "perks."

From finger traps to waffle parties, there are a number of hard-earned incentives for the group, which are doled out by their supervisor, Mr. Milchick (Tramell Tillman), with an unsettling smile. More often than not, these moments lead to unexpected — and entertaining — interactions among the Lumon team. But which moment from "Severance" charmed fans the most?

Fans loved the Music Dance Experience scene

For most of "Severance" Season 1, newcomer Helly struggles with the constraints of living as an innie. Feeling trapped by Lumon, she spends most of her time trying to free herself from her situation. When Helly eventually nears the completion of a work goal, Mr. Milchick surprises her with a Music Dance Experience (MDE) in an effort to keep her satisfied. Unexpectedly, the supervisor strolls into the office with a record player and encourages Helly to pick a music genre and an instrument. Confused yet intrigued, Helly decides to dance to "defiant jazz" with a maraca. Once the music starts, the innies awkwardly move around the room in a goofy, yet heartwarming moment, until it all turns sour.

On Reddit, u/LoretiTV said, "No matter how many times I watch this scene I never get tired of it. You can tell they had so much fun with this and the chemistry is amazing. Also, give Tramell Tillman all the awards!" Agreeing enthusiastically, u/empathic-researcher added, "Adam Scott in an interview said he had to move like someone who didn't really know how to dance but had an intuitive sense of rhythm. It's so wonderfully silly and surreal, just perfect in the setting." U/GarthZorn similarly applauded the scene, writing, "One of the most genius moments of collaboration in a show FULL of them: acting, cinematography, direction and scoring. Incredible work."

In a series that arguably brims with thoughtful detail and strong storytelling, the Music Dance Experience is a stand-out "Severance" scene for many viewers.