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C-3PO Actor Isn't A Fan Of Jar Jar Binks

But does anyone really like Jar Jar?

Widely considered a childish, irritating, and even racially insensitive character, the bumbling Gungan Jar Jar Binks is one of the most divisive and heavily criticized creatures in the entire Star Wars series–and he only came around on screen in The Phantom Menace. His vaguely Rastafarian aesthetic, broken English, and speech patterns similar to Ebonics, made most Star Wars loyals recoil. One in particular is Anthony Daniels, the man behind C-3PO, the uptight, rapid-fire-talking droid from the original Star Wars trilogy. 

Addressing a crowd during a Q&A session at Fan Expo 2017, Daniels spoke about his personal feelings about Jar Jar and revealed that though he admires the actor who brought the characters to life, he finds Jar Jar entirely too immature and landed better with a younger audience.

"Jar Jar was created by George Lucas and he employed an actor, Ahmed Best, who is a terrific actor. Terrific mover. Terrific, inventive brain. Highly intelligent. Did exactly what George asked him to do," said Daniels (via Space). "George's son Jett was thrilled by that performance that Ahmed did perfectly, but Jett was 10 years old. Now, I wasn't, so for me Jar Jar was a bit like the Ewoks. I've grown past that stage. 10-year-olds, 11-year-olds, eight-year-olds adored Jar Jar. It was a very, very good thing to do... so I hugely admire Ahmed Best. He got very bad press for doing it... and Jar Jar was not for me."

At the time of the release of The Phantom Menace, Lucas was grilled for angling the movie too heavily toward children, a mistake he attempted to rectify when he darkened the tone and deepened the themes of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, which even landed a PG-13 rating. The filmmaker even reeled back Jar Jar's on-screen presence in subsequent films to settle the rocky waters of criticism. All things considered, it seems that Lucas, in some ways, admitted to missing the mark with his conception of the Gungan character. 

Before Daniels exited the stage, he spoke a bit about his experience filming the upcoming The Last Jedi. He gave a little anecdote about an eccentric preoccupation the late Carrie Fisher had that constantly popped up on set. "You would be amazed how many shots which she's in have a can of Coke hidden somewhere, and the crew were desperate not to feature it," he explained before speaking about her future in the franchise. "The magic of the movies is you will see her as you've never seen before. The other day when I was putting my voice back on [The Last Jedi], I had completely forgotten what we had shot. Suddenly in the footage that I'm watching, there she is, living forever. That's movies for you."

Depending on how you feel about the character, it'll either be a great thing or a terrible one that Jar Jar Binks won't appear in The Last Jedi. As we wait for that film to release, check out some other Star Wars moments that seriously outraged fans