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The Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 1 Scene Fans Couldn't Help But Love

"Better Call Saul" finally returned on AMC with a two-episode Season 6 premiere that has fans and critics alike fully engrossed in the series' final season. The season retains a superb 100% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 41 different critics, as well as a 99% audience score based on 121 ratings at the time of this writing.

The two-year, pandemic-related hiatus between seasons of the "Breaking Bad" spinoff and prequel doesn't seem to have phased series co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, as well as the rest of the show's production, one bit. Season 6 opens with two thematically-related episodes, "Wine and Roses" and "Carrot and Stick," that follow up right where Season 5 left off. Nacho Varga (Michael Mando) desperately tries to escape Mexico after the botched attempt on Lalo Salamanca's (Tony Dalton) life by Gus Fring's (Giancarlo Esposito) hit squad. Meanwhile, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) pleads with Gus to allow him to rescue Nacho and help him disappear as a thank-you for serving as a double agent for the Los Pollos Hermanos owner. Meanwhile, Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) set upon a plot to embarrass Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) in front of his peers by planting the notion that Howard is addicted to cocaine.

While the two episodes that kicked off the season were enthralling and forebode a wild, twisty ride to come, there is one scene that has "Better Call Saul" fans talking more than anything as they wait for next week's episode. 

Better Call Saul fans on Reddit loved seeing Saul Goodman's house

In the "Better Call Saul" Reddit community, fans eagerly discussed the opening sequence to "Wine and Roses," which shows law enforcement combing through Saul Goodman's home and seizing his possessions presumably at the end of the events of "Breaking Bad." Audiences have never seen where Saul lives during "Breaking Bad," but fans seemed to think the exorbitant, gaudy nature of the character's home appropriately matches the man Jimmy McGill grows into.

"That's the house of a man constantly trying to prove to himself that he has a good life," wrote Redditor u/Swankified_Tristan, responding to a comment from u/NCSUGrad2012 who said, "We finally saw Saul's house and it looks like I always pictured it lol." 

The scene — and its curious use of Kim Wexler's beloved tequila bottle stopper — also sparked conversations about where Kim may wind up by the time this scene takes place. Different users speculated that Kim may be dead, in jail, separated from Jimmy, or even potentially a co-conspirator behind the entire Saul Goodman persona who audiences simply never saw in "Breaking Bad." Fans noted Kim's encouragement of creating a public-facing front for Saul in the season premiere, recommending that Saul open an office and rent a showy car to better fit the character.

"I cannot come to a point where I believe Kim would have willingly lived there," wrote u/Eryk13, prompting two users to respond by calling back to Kim's emulation of Saul's finger-gun gesture at the end of Season 5. "Would she?" wrote u/axkidd82, to which u/RichardInaTreeFort replied "pew pew."