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The Ending Of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 1 Explained

Contains spoilers for "Better Call Saul" Season 6, Episode 1, "Wine and Roses."

It hasn't been an easy road for Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman; based on what we know from "Breaking Bad," things won't get any easier for the sleazy lawyer. Throughout the first five seasons of "Better Call Saul," audiences have seen him contend with his cantankerous brother, Chuck McGill (Michael McKean), with the pair's relationship tragically cut short following Chuck's shocking death. Jimmy's life and livelihood have been put in jeopardy more times than one can count. But through it all, he's come out the other side in one piece.

Now, as the hit AMC series enters its sixth and final season, it's time to put the finishing touches on Jimmy's arc; we're entering the era of Saul. Everything we've seen up to this point has led to this moment, as one character's story ends and another's begins.

The beginning of the end kicks off with the premiere episode of "Better Call Saul" Season 6, entitled "Wine and Roses." We meet the characters shortly after the events of the Season 5 finale, wherein Jimmy and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) are out for revenge against Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). Meanwhile, Nacho (Michael Mando) is on the run after his botched assassination attempt against Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). This first episode is riveting stuff, to be sure, and it all leads to a thrilling conclusion that may be quieter than what viewers expect from "Better Call Saul," but it sets up plenty of storylines that will hopefully pay off down the road.

Jimmy and Kim's game is afoot

It's always a pleasure to see a classic Saul Goodman scheme in action, and the opening episode of Season 6 doesn't disappoint in that department. While it's initially unclear precisely how Saul and Kim plan on getting back at their former boss, Howard Hamlin, it all begins to crystallize by the end of the first hour. While Kim keeps watch from the parking lot, Saul makes his way into the country club where Howard is a member. Through a series of hilarious circumstances, Saul manages to get into the club's locker room, and finds Howard's locker. He's trying to put something inside the locker, which we don't see at first, but once Howard enters the picture, it all becomes clear as day. 

When Howard opens his locker, a little baggie filled with cocaine (or something that's supposed to resemble cocaine) pops out and lands on the floor. Howard genuinely has no idea how it got there, but it sure looks suspicious to his colleague, Clifford Main (Ed Begley Jr.). It's a job well done for Saul and Kim, and while it doesn't appear to have much in the way of consequences right now, this is only step one in what's bound to be a multi-step plan.

It also shows how Saul and Kim are the new nefarious power couple of Albuquerque. Jimmy's always been a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to ethics, but throughout the previous five seasons, we've seen Kim try to stay on the right side of the law, only for her now to fall prey to Jimmy's schemes. Her affiliation with him has caused her to break bad, and she'll likely descend further as the season goes on.

Nacho's on the run

When we're reintroduced to Nacho in the opening moments of Season 6, Episode 1, he's on the run and hiding from everyone. His current situation makes sense, given that he's burned practically every allegiance he has until now. But he still has a guardian angel looking his way in the form of Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), doing everything in his power to get Nacho out of the predicament he finds himself in after the botched assassination attempt on Lalo. 

By the episode's end, Nacho finds himself held up in a run-down motel. He's told someone will be by in the following days to get him and save him from the Kafka-esque nightmare he finds himself in. For now, all he can do is sit and wait. He calls Mike at one point, but he doesn't answer. It's a strange turn of events, especially considering Mike once went to bat for Nacho with Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) when he confronted his boss in Season 5 about getting Nacho out of the game.

While Mike likely wants to prevent Nacho from ending up sent six feet under, it's understandable he would keep his distance, too. After all, Lalo probably has everyone in Gus' orbit in his sights, and Mike needs to think about the safety and well-being of his family first and foremost, as evidenced by the look he gives his granddaughter as she plays with marbles, completely unaware of what her grandfather is involved with. For now, Nacho's on his own.

Nacho and Mike are more alike than one might think. They're both caught up in the twisted game between Gus and Lalo, and ultimately, they don't want anything bad to happen to their loved ones. We know Mike will survive the events of "Better Call Saul," but Nacho's future isn't so cut and dry.

Lalo's out for blood

Meanwhile, the world still believes Lalo Salamanca perished in a gunfight, but little do they know, he was expertly prepared for such an occurrence and devised the perfect way to get out of such a tight spot. He survives, and now he's out for vengeance.

Right before Lalo's set to hitch a ride up to the United States, he makes a phone call to Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis). The primary purpose of this phone call is to inform the Salamanca patriarch he's still alive. However, during the conversation, Hector tells Lalo that he needs proof before going ahead with any plans for revenge. Lalo seems to know precisely where to get his proof, and that likely lies with Nacho. Lalo proves he's still the toughest guy on either side of the border by killing the men who wouldn't give him a refund for the States trip.

The first episode of "Better Call Saul" is like a pressure cooker ready to burst. Everything may be fine for the time being, but it's bubbling over the edges, and it's clear not everyone is going to make it out of this season alive. One apparent theme for this season is the cost of revenge. As we already know from the events of "Breaking Bad," the Salamancas receive numerous blows to their ranks. We may see those gears begin to move throughout Season 6 of "Better Call Saul," as Lalo's quest for revenge may eventually lead him to ruin, as well.