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The Best Criminal Minds Episodes From Season 4, According To IMDb

"Criminal Minds" is a long-running television series with 15 seasons of catching un-subs, and even now the series still commands impressive viewership numbers, with it being the most-streamed television show in early 2021 (via Deadline).

Season 4 of "Criminal Minds" sees the dedicated and driven professionals of the Behavior Analysis Unit really get into some rather intense moments and heart-touching scenes. Season 4 kicks off with a terrorist attack, and the stakes only increase from there. Other highlights of the season are a potential copycat killer on the anniversary of a murderer's execution, an undercover operation with cultists, a serial killer who makes their victims look like car crash causalities, a train-jumping serial killer, and a murderer who targets police officers.

"Criminal Minds" Season 4 has strongly resonated with fans, with this particular season earning a 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. With that being said, which is the very best episode of Season 4, at least according to IMDb? 

Two Season 4 episodes are tied for the highest rated

Luckily for fans of "Criminal Minds," it turns out there isn't just one top-rated episode for Season 4 on IMDb, but two. One of the episodes is the premiere of Season 4, titled "Mayhem," which involves a terrorist attack. The other is Episode 18, titled "Omnivore," which is about a serial killer who has been in a state of lull and evading law enforcement for 10 years but returns to their deadly ways. Both of these episodes received an 8.5 rating, and these were determined with over 2,000 votes each (via IMDb).

Reviewing "Mayhem," IMDb user nicofreezer said of the episode, "Without a doubt the best so far. I was on the edge of my seat for the first time with this show. Even though the first 3 seasons were Very Solid TV... This episode is a masterpiece of [action /suspense]." Comments regarding the episode "Omnivore" are similar, with IMDb user TheLittleSongbird stating, "As with most shows 'Criminal Minds' has episodes and seasons that are better than others, and to me 'Omnivore' is one of the standouts of the fourth season and one of the better episodes of the show as well."

Season 4 of "Criminal Minds" is full of intense episodes, but there's no denying that fans enjoyed these two the most.