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Why Moon Knight Episode 4's Ending Has Fans Taking A Second Look At Loki

So far, "Moon Knight" has been a fairly isolated outlier compared to the rest of the Marvel universe. The story revolves around Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), an ex-Marine and mercenary who, as the titular Moon Knight, is the avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu; Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and he has multiple alters, including Steven Grant, a lowly employee at the British Museum. Spector has to figure out how to share one body with his alters and defeat the evil that threatens their lives.

"Loki," on the other hand, is intimately intertwined with the rest of the Marvel universe. The star of the show, the trickster god of the same name, is kidnapped by the Time Variance Authority right after "Avengers: Endgame" and put to work righting the wrongs of his past transgressions. There are more Easter eggs in "Loki" than you can count, with many of them leading back to the Marvel comics. "Moon Knight," conversely, has taken many creative liberties with its source material, which not only puts the two creative works at a distance, but puts it that much further away from true Marvel canon. However, fans noticed some details from Episode 4 that might help in bridging that gap.

Kang (from Loki) and Arthur Harrow seem to have similar tastes in interior design

In Episode 4, after Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) shoots Marc Spector twice in the heart, Spector passes out and wakes up in some sort of dream world or alternate reality (it hasn't been clearly explained yet) where he is a psychiatric patient in an antiseptically white hospital setting. In his dream, his wife Layla (May Calamawy) is also a patient, but the two are not romantically involved. Dr. Steven Grant is a fictional archaeologist and star of Spector's favorite adventure movie. And Harrow is Dr. Harrow, a psychiatrist who rules the institution with impunity. Spector and Dr. Harrow have a long chat in the doctor's office, the décor of which had viewers on social media talking.

Reddit user u/TheRatWhoSavedUsAll sparked the discussion by casually suggesting that Kang, from "Loki," may have been the final avatar of Ammit. Others (like u/raisethecurtain and u/3luejays) supported this supposition by pointing out that they also got the same vibes from Harrow's office. If you look at the two different sets and think about it, then it's easy to see Dr. Harrow's office as a photo-negative twin of the dwelling where He Who Remains spends his time. But u/profsa playfully poked fun at how much of a reach it was to connect the two, sarcastically stating, "An office exists: This must be Kang!"