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Titans' Robin Actor Jacob Lycurgo Posted A Hilarious Response To His Appearance In The Batman

Jacob "Jay" Lycurgo plays Tim Drake in the popular series "Titans." As a young vigilante who yearns to become Batman's (Iain Glen) next sidekick, Drake is pulled into a deadly game when Jason Todd (Curran Walters) is seemingly murdered but then reappears as the Red Hood. Appearing in eight episodes of "Titans," Lycurgo is a fresh addition to the cast of the fast-paced show (via IMDb). Drake attempts to aid the other young superheroes after discovering the identities of Batman and Nightwing, but he is later killed and sent to the afterlife. 

Luckily for Drake, he is able to break free from his own death with the aid of Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie), and he then helps defeat his own killer Scarecrow (Vincent Kartheiser). This causes him to be formally invited to "Titans" membership, which completes Drake's goal of becoming the next Robin. However, a few eagle-eyed fans may have noticed Lycurgo in a small role in "The Batman," and the actor has just recently posted a rather interesting image on social media which combines his two roles in the DC universe.

Lycurgo joked that Gotham changed him

Appearing in some of the earliest moments of "The Batman," Jay Lycurgo plays one of the young gang members on the train. The group stands out from other passengers because they have their faces covered in black and white paint, although Lycurgo is set apart from his compatriots because his face is only half covered. The gang decides to attack one of the train riders, and that's when Batman (Robert Pattinson) gets involved. The Dark Knight's elite martial arts and usage of gadgets see him absolutely trounce the gang members, but he lets Lycurgo's character go relatively unscathed — though he is clearly shaken.

Sharing a side-by-side image of his characters in both "Titans" and "The Batman" on Twitter, Lycurgo posted the caption, "Gotham changed me." Judging by these comments, it seems like Lycurgo is joking that his run-in with Batman on the train made him later want to become a vigilante, even though the two properties are not set in the same cinematic universe.

This caused several responses from Twitter users, with @kamincandyland saying "WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU IN THE CAST LIST I THOUGHT YOU WERE COMING BACK AS TIM AND [WERE] GONNA BE ROBIN BUT EVEN THO YOU DIDNT YOU STILL SLAYED." Twitter user @swifferwetjet2k enjoyed the comparison of Lycurgo's two characters, and stated, "We saw that little smile you did before you ran away from Batman, you were definitely inspired to become a vigilante after witnessing the beatdown."

It seems as if both Lycurgo and fans alike enjoyed drawing this particular connection between DC properties.