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The Worst Scene In Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Part 1

Season 7, Part 2 of "Fear The Walking Dead" is finally underway, and fans are hoping that the latest episodes will be stronger than those offered in the first half of the season. The AMC series — the first in a long line of spin-offs of "The Walking Dead" — is now focused on Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and follows survivors living in an apocalyptic wasteland brought on by a crazed end-of-the-world cult leader.

Season 7 got off to a rocky start, with some fans criticizing the increasing amount of filler scenes and storylines. On the show's subreddit, many fans admitted that they weren't confident about how the season would play out but expressed that there are still bright spots that keep them watching. The return of fan-favorite character Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) has kept many on board, but it's hard to deny that the frequent bottle episodes aren't wearing viewers down.

Regardless of where they land on Season 7, everyone agreed that one storyline is the absolute worst.

FTWD fans were annoyed by Six Hours

While Season 7, Part 1 of "Fear The Walking Dead" was polarizing for fans, everyone agreed that baby Mo (Avaya Jeniel) is the worst part of Episode 2, "Six Hours." After being rescued by Morgan Jones and Grace Mukherjee (Karen David), caring for the orphaned child quickly begins to strain their relationship. Her incessant crying overwhelms Grace, and viewers felt similarly frustrated.

"Six Hours" opens with the baby's screams echoing through the USS Pennsylvania, and every scene she's in throughout the episode features her loud wails. "I'm sorry but it's not good TV to watch a baby crying for 35 out of 47 minutes in an episode," wrote u/EmiKoala11. "It doesn't make me want to watch the episode when I'm getting more annoyed than Grace is and she lost a baby already."

On another thread, dozens more fans agreed that Mo's bawling was a low point for Season 7. "The first 12 minutes of the show were insufferable," admitted u/elveszett.

"The only thing there is to Fear for in this episode is my hearing. Holy Christ on a stick, I never want to hear a child cry again. That was my lifetime tolerance right there," exclaimed u/Killbethy.

While baby Mo isn't going anywhere just yet, fans are eager for her crying to mellow out in Season 7, Part 2.