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In The Curse Of Oak Island Season 4, One Episode Stands Above The Rest

History's "The Curse of Oak Island" combines centuries-old lore with a modern quest for Blackbeard's treasure. Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina earnestly comb through their purchased plot of land on the titular Nova Scotian island, hoping that they'll somehow manage to find any sign that pirates really did use the island as a place to bury their goods or any further sign of piratical activity period — including evidence of shipwrecks. So far, they haven't had a whole lot of luck turning up any big discoveries. They have definitely managed to find some small signs of life and tiny artifacts that, at the very least, prove that gold has been hidden somewhere on the island at some point in time.

Season 4 of the show centers itself around the team's excavation of the Oak Island Money Pit, which manages to turn up an unusual artifact after months of digging. The brothers also examine evidence that a treasure-laden shipwreck may have occurred at nearby Smith's Cove. Which of the season's 15 episodes proves to be the best, the most interesting, the most vital?

Of Sticks and Stones gets the Lagina brothers even closer to the truth

The very best episodes of "The Curse of Oak Island" tend to combine an interesting mystery with fascinating scientific work. Episode 14 of Season 4, "Of Sticks and Stones," has this in spades. Rick and Marty Lagina enlist the help of stonemasons to investigate a selection of five boulders arranged in what appears to be the shape of a cross, to figure out if their bases have been artificially smoothed. This could finally help them locate a long-lost treasure rumored to have been hidden there by the Knights Templar. Sitting at an 8.4 on IMDb, it's the highest-rated episode of Season 4, and definitely the most intriguing.

Rick is completely convinced that the boulders have been put there by human design versus being naturally arranged that way, and he brings in experts to prove his point. The crew spends a lot of time staring at these boulders, trying to figure out if they're the real deal or not. When the stonemasons prove that the stones were likely arranged by men, Rick is filled with delight.

"Of Sticks and Stones"  exemplifies everything interesting about what "The Curse of Oak Island" offers: mystery, science, and curiosity. It adds on a genuinely intense investigative process and a moment of triumph for Rick and Marty that the brothers sorely needed after the Money Pit refused to pan up anything good. That makes "Of Sticks and Stones" the best episode of the season by far.