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How The Curse Of Oak Island Fans Have Helped The Lagina Brothers In Their Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt chronicled in "The Curse of Oak Island" has been a massive endeavor on many fronts. Brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have been attempting to locate the infamous riches rumored to be buried somewhere on Oak Island in Nova Scotia for the better part of the past decade, and the reality TV series details every step of their lengthy investigation. The show sees the effort weave back and forth between exhilarating ups and deflating downs, but at the end of the day, there's no denying that the scale of the project continues to balloon in size and scope.

Over the years In "The Curse of Oak Island," the Lagina brothers grow a sizable team of researchers, excavators, divers, and fellow treasure hunters, and all of these individuals help move the search along in meaningful ways. However, in addition to all the crew members and various professionals that aid in the exploration effort throughout the seasons, the Lagina brothers also derive some crucial assistance from a surprising source: the show's very own fans.

The Lagina brothers get suggestions for new technologies through fan mail

A 2017 interview the Lagina brothers had with the reality TV-focused publication Reality Blurred saw the duo discuss some of the logistics behind the production of "The Curse of Oak Island," as well as the progression of the treasure hunt itself. One of the topics that the pair spoke about was how fan correspondence has actually helped shape their exploration methods.

According to Marty, who recounted this all to Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred, the team from "The Curse of Oak Island" receives a sizable influx of messages from fans sharing what they believe to be helpful ideas. As he described, some of the messages were "crazy" and others were "marginal," but a lot of them actually had some "really good ideas." In fact, the brothers shared that the main assistance that they've gotten from the many letters and e-mails is the introduction of "new technologies" that could help with the exploration effort. Apparently, the team has been able to take some of these useful technologies and "apply [them] in the field," while they would've otherwise been unaware of their existence.

It's interesting to know that there has actually been some fan input affecting how the Oak Island exploration has played out over the roughly eight years since the show began. It seems that the search for the legendary treasure isn't only an endeavor taken on by the Lagina brothers and their team, but also in some small part by the viewers at home.