AMC Isn't Ready To Say Goodbye To Bob Odenkirk Just Yet

Bob Odenkirk has been an AMC fixture for well over a decade at this point. After making a name for himself in the comedy scene, particularly with the sketch series "Mr. Show," Odenkirk was introduced to an entirely new audience by playing sleazy criminal lawyer Saul Goodman on "Breaking Bad." He still had a chance to show off his comedic chops, as he was frequently a source of comic relief in the otherwise dark and dour series. But he managed to make such a good impression that AMC awarded him his very own spinoff in the form of "Better Call Saul."

That series has been going strong since 2015, only two years after "Breaking Bad" ended. "Better Call Saul" is currently on its sixth and final season, so audiences are waiting patiently to see the final transformation as Jimmy McGill breaks bad entirely and turns into the nefariously hilarious Saul Goodman. While "Better Call Saul" may be nearing its end, it seems as though AMC isn't done with Odenkirk just yet, as he has another project in the works that the network is going all-in on.

AMC has picked up Odenkirk's next project, Straight Man, for a series order

In early April of 2022, AMC announced a new show was in early development. The series was called "Straight Man," based on the book of the same name, which would star and be executive produced by Bob Odenkirk. Normally, it can take a while for the wheels to start turning on a new series, but AMC apparently has a lot of faith in the show and, by proxy, Odenkirk. According to The Hollywood Reporter, only a couple of weeks since the news of the show first broke, the network has already put in a series order. The show's set to debut on AMC and its streaming platform, AMC+, at some point in 2023.

Dan McDermott, the president of AMC Studios and AMC Networks, told THR, "As 'Better Call Saul' begins its epic sixth and final season, we could not be more excited by the prospect of keeping Bob at home on AMC and watching him breathe life into another nuanced, complicated and unforgettable character. The chance to collaborate once again with our partners at Sony Pictures Television and Mark Johnson's Gran Via is even more icing on a very satisfying cake." For "Straight Man," Odenkirk will portray the English department chairman at an underfunded college who's going through a midlife crisis. It sounds like another exceptional mix of comedy and drama that will be entertaining for all of Odenkirk's fans to watch.

Paul Lieberstein ("The Office") and Aaron Zelman ("Damages") will adapt the project and serve as showrunners. Peter Farrelly has been set to direct. Fans may have to say goodbye to "Better Call Saul" in the near future, but at least they can rest easy knowing Odenkirk isn't going anywhere.