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American Horror Story: Cult Teaser Features Twisty The Clown Comic Book

Twisty the Clown is back on American Horror Story: Cult, at least in comic book form.

Just days away from the Sept. 5 premiere of the new season, FX revealed another teaser. This one doesn't show any of the cast, but it does reference Twisty, the murderous clown played by John Carroll Lynch in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

The teaser features a reading of a comic book based on the character, who seems to figure into the plot of AHS: Cult in one way or another. It's sure to be filled with clown imagery due to what we know about the plot so far.

Sarah Paulson plays Ally, a woman who lives in Michigan and loses it when Donald Trump is elected president. She begins to see clowns everywhere, despite the support of her partner Ivy (Alison Pill) and the efforts of her therapist (Cheyenne Jackson).

Meanwhile, Evan Peters plays Kai, an unbalanced, blue-haired man who is apparently thrilled at the election results and has something against Ally. He uses his charisma to convince Winter (Billie Lourd) into becoming Ally and Ivy's nanny in what appears to be an attempt to push Ally over the edge. Winter (who says she's no fan of children) gives their son a Twisty the Clown toy.

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