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Jacob Bertrand Teases What's To Come On Season 5 Of Cobra Kai - Exclusive

Actor Jacob Bertrand has had numerous screen roles over the years, appearing in TV series such as "Parks and Recreation" and "Homeschooled" and on the big screen in films including "Ready Player One" and "Rise of the Guardians." For fans of Netflix mega-hit "Cobra Kai," however, he'll always be best known for his portrayal of Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz. Having played the fan-favorite character since the beginning of the series — which expands the story that began in the 1984 film classic "The Karate Kid" — Bertrand has watched the show's popularity grow with each passing season. 

Not only is Bertrand preparing for the release of the upcoming fifth season, but he's also been busy promoting Champion's new "Cobra Kai" athleticwear collection, which includes a variety of hoodies, sweatpants, sandals, and more. During an exclusive interview with The List, Bertrand talked about his new partnership with Champion, but he also opened up about what fans of "Cobra Kai" can expect to see when the show returns for its fifth season later in 2022.

Jacob Bertrand shares what he can about the new season of Cobra Kai

Jacob Bertrand can't wait for fans to see the upcoming fifth season of "Cobra Kai," but he admitted that he's cautious about revealing any spoilers. "Oh gosh. What can I say without getting fired?" he joked before offering a few hints about what can be expected. "There's lots of cool fights. Johnny [William Zabka] has probably one of the coolest story lines of any season, in my opinion. I'm really excited for people to see his story arc. It is really cool, and there is ... This is what I can say. There's a move in a fight that I had to practice for, like, two weeks because ... It's crazy kicks and it was really hard to get down. I'm excited for people [to] see that."

Pressed for further details, Bertrand teased new developments for his character — but without giving away any plot points. "I don't know if I can [say] anything without spoiling anything," he admitted. "I don't know — I take my shirt off a lot. I can say that. Yeah. That's something I can safely say: my shirt will come off at some point."

The fifth season of "Cobra Kai" is scheduled to debut in fall 2022; more information about Champion's full collection of custom athleticwear inspired by Season 4 of "Cobra Kai" can be found right here.