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The Worst Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode According To IMDb

If you asked a group of devoted TV fans what their favorite ongoing police procedural is, chances are that many of them would name CBS's "Blue Bloods" as their top pick. That's for good reason, too. Unlike many similar shows that hinge upon a group of strangers coming together in a shared workplace and forging strong bonds with one another, "Blue Bloods" focuses on an actual family, of whom the vast majority of members are also coworkers at the NYPD, which leads to some very fresh and engaging character dynamics. The show often feels grounded in a way that some of its counterparts do not and its lengthy run for over a decade now has allowed fans to see the characters undergo some real growth and development.

However, that's not to say that "Blue Bloods" is a perfect show. Far from it. There have been times when the series has missed the mark in terms of quality, and fans have occasionally criticized particular creative choices with regard to the writing of the show. Such frustration was aimed at one particular episode of the show's eighth season, which was poorly received for its writing and character portrayals.

Legacy angered some fans

According to IMDb, Season 8, Episode 15, titled "Legacy," ranks as the worst-rated episode of its respective season, with an average user score of 6.8 stars out of 10. The episode features several main characters making some controversial decisions, at least in the eyes of fans. 

One subplot centers upon Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his financial troubles in the wake of his wife Linda's (Amy Carlson) off-screen death. Danny considers leaving his job at the NYPD to take another that would offer him and his kids financial stability, but ultimately decides to stay where he is — a decision that some fans took issue with. "Of course, he says no to the new job, but never says how he's going to solve his money problems," IMDb user mommyto4 wrote in a review.

However, the plot thread that caused the most outcry was related to Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), who has to handle a difficult situation when one of his officers arrests an undocumented immigrant. Frank eventually decides to fire the officer in question, a choice that prompted strong backlash from some viewers. "Frank was so out of character," user sbc17644 wrote. "He has always stuck up for his cops. This episode is not believable."

Like similar episodes of other shows that focused on controversial social issues, this attempt to tackle some heavy topics didn't go over well with fans. Unfortunately, "Legacy" will continue to have a negative legacy of its own among the "Blue Bloods" fanbase.