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The Moon Knight Episode 4 Scene That Went Too Far

Warning: Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 4

Well, that escalated quickly. Episode 4 of "Moon Knight" ("The Tomb") was evenly paced until the last 10 minutes, when confusion set in not only for Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) but for us as audience members. After finding Ammit's tomb, Marc is shot by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and subsequently wakes up in a mental hospital. It appears as if this is all an illusion and Marc is perhaps dreaming, but we can never really be sure with this series.

As he runs through the rooms and halls of the very white facility, we see a lot of the major players from the first four episodes, but they are now patients. This includes Steven's boss-of-the-year Donna (Lucy Thackeray), Harrow's loyal followers Bobbi (Ann Akinjirin) and Billy (David Ganly), and others. Marc also finds Steven in a sarcophagus, and instead of it being a mirror image, he's an actual person. There are now two physical bodies representing the men — something we never saw coming.

The whole final scene is really bizarre, but it's the last seconds of the episode that really seemed to push things too far.

The appearance of the Hippo goddess is a lot

As Steven and Marc try to escape the hospital, they hear a loud banging coming from the other side of some double doors. The doors swing open, and there stands Taweret (Antonia Salib) — an ancient Egyptian goddess. According to Britannica, Taweret is the protectress of fertility and childbirth. What she is doing in this scene is a mystery for now — what would she want with Marc or Steven?

It's not her presence that takes things too far, but her appearance. Taweret looks rather comical and is a far cry from the look of Khonshu, who is quite menacing. Obviously, those two gods are very different from one another, but it looks like a lot of thought was put into Khonshu, and Taweret looks more like a bad "Star Wars" character from the early aughts. Taweret is a major shift from what we've seen so far in the series — which is fine — but her design seems cartoonish and not in keeping with the tone of "Moon Knight."

How much of a presence she has in the rest of the series remains to be seen, we just hope things don't go off the rails with her character in the next two episodes.