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Legends Of Tomorrow Face Dinosaurs And Julius Caesar In Season 3 Trailer

The timeline is getting a sick remix in the season 3 trailer for the CW's Legends of Tomorrow.

The heroes of the time-spanning DC superhero series, spun out of CW's Arrowverse, will return to continue practicing their unorthodox and messy method of protecting the timeline in the rollicking new trailer for the show's third season, which you can watch now. 

From the looks of things, it seems like the team will be more than busy when they return—the new promo serves up a trip to Medieval times, an unexpected dinosaur, some outer space explosions, circus theatrics, and also Julius Caesar, a Roman man of little repute who rudely thinks he has the clout to interrupt Mick while he's getting some sun.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW on October 10th. Get excited for a fall season chock full of corrupted timelines and superheroics with our feature on why Legends of Tomorrow is a must-watch series.