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The Riddler Detail You Missed In The Batman

Matt Reeves' "The Batman" has finally swooped in and landed on HBO Max, meaning you can catch all of the Gotham City action from the comfort of your own home. The film proved to be a massive hit at the box office where it raked in over $751 million and took the spot as the year's highest-grossing title thus far, per Deadline. So, Reeves' superhero thriller is sure to do well with the streaming service's 46.8 million domestic subscribers.

Reeves' approach to the iconic Dark Knight sees Robert Pattinson don the black cape in his second year working as a vigilante in Gotham. This version of Bruce Wayne is less like the billionaire playboy from iterations past and more like a reclusive detective, often working on crime scenes with the police. When a series of murders crop up pointing to a sadistic serial killer, The Riddler (Paul Dano), the Caped Crusader is set on catching him before he acts again.

Just like other DC and Marvel films, Reeves has flooded "The Batman" with a ton of Easter eggs, small details, and references to the comics. Now with the film available to stream, it's easier to catch all of the details you might have missed in the theater, as did one eagle-eyed viewer.

The Riddler is spying on the Iceberg Lounge

Now with "The Batman" on HBO Max, you can pause and rewind the film at the press of a button, meaning you can really dive into all of the small Easter eggs and references super easily. The film made its streaming debut on April 18, and one observant fan has already found a blink-and-you'll-miss-it background detail that you'll want to keep your eyes open for the next time you watch. Twitter user @itsRyanUnicomb wrote about the observation their friend made while watching the film and tweeted, "at exactly 31:55 into #TheBatman you can actually SEE Paul Dano's Riddler in the window opposite the iceberg lounge. Waiting, watching."

Sure enough, Matt Reeves himself even verified the detail and replied to the fan's tweet, saying, "Indeed, I can confirm. 100%." If you go to the timestamp previously mentioned, you will see what looks like a figure in the upper left window with a pair of binoculars. Of course, this figure can be no other than The Riddler, as the apartment is right across the street from the Iceberg Lounge, the club where Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and the Penguin (Colin Farrell) operate. The apartment is later confirmed to be The Riddler's when he is caught by police and Bruce Wayne searches the space for clues. Can you catch other hidden details now that "The Batman" is streaming on HBO Max?