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Bob Odenkirk Talks The End Of Better Call Saul And Beyond - Exclusive Interview

Once upon a time, the idea of a prequel to "Breaking Bad" centered around Bob Odenkirk's comic relief lawyer character Saul Goodman might have sounded like a questionable proposition. As "Better Call Saul" is set to begin its sixth and final season, all those doubts have been utterly quashed. The spinoff started great and has only gotten better every year; the tragedy of Jimmy McGill/"Saul Goodman" has proven to be television that is as compelling as the rise and fall of Walter White/"Heisenberg."

Many talented people are responsible for the quality of "Better Call Saul," but one can't understate the impact of Odenkirk's brilliant lead performance on the series' success. Looper got the chance to speak to Odenkirk, asking questions not only about the ending of "Better Call Saul," but also about the upcoming second season of his animated Amazon Prime Video series "Undone," his 2021 action sleeper hit "Nobody," and his career hopes for the future.

Better Call Saul's 'satisfying' ending connects to Breaking Bad

"Better Call Saul" Season 6 seems like it must have been one of the most challenging shoots you've ever been involved in. First, the pandemic delays, then surviving a heart attack. What most kept you going through all these challenges?

The interest in the character and what would happen to him. I'm not a writer on the show, I don't know what's going to happen next. I've gotten to know this guy and care about him over the years. I was very curious where it was headed, and I couldn't tell where it was headed. I had my hopes, but where the show went satisfied me greatly. It fulfilled some of my hopes and also did things that I didn't expect because that's what they always do.

You previously said this final season will reframe our understanding of "Breaking Bad." Is it possible for you to elaborate on these comments without spoiling the whole thing, and does this have anything to do with the recently announced news that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are returning to the show?

Good questions, very precise, which I think is appropriate. You're paying attention. Yeah, it does. It has to do with Jesse and Walter coming back, and yet, I'm not sure it'll reframe your idea of "Breaking Bad." It'll tie the two shows together in ways stronger than ever before. I know I'm going to want to watch "Breaking Bad" again, as soon as I'm done watching this season of "Better Call Saul." I don't know if anyone will do a super cut, but that could be cool.

Jimmy McGill vs. Kim Wexler

At this point, heading into Season 6, who do you think is more corrupt: Jimmy or Kim?

I would've always said Jimmy, but now I'm not so sure. I'm not sure Kim is as much as Jimmy, but it's clear Jimmy has awakened something in Kim ... and so, it's Jimmy's fault. But then again, Kim maybe is not who we always thought she was.

Now completely separate from your answer to that last question: Who would you mind representing you in court?

Kim Wexler. I think Jimmy's clever and he can turn a situation or a concept and turn things inside out in a way that a lawyer can do and is good in the law, but to me, it might be too clever by half. I'm not sure that always works. I think Kim, boy, you believe her. You really believe her feelings and her commitment. I feel like anybody who's listening to Jimmy knows they're getting scammed. I don't think that's necessarily good in a court of law.

There's one scene in the season premiere that involves a gold toilet. Was this toilet operational? And if so, did anyone on set use it?

Is that a spoiler?

I'm not saying the context of it.

No one used the gold toilet. I don't know if it worked. It might have worked.

Also coming soon: Undone Season 2

"Better Call Saul" isn't your only show returning this April. You also have "Undone" Season 2. What are you even allowed to say about that? I got the screeners and the "do not reveal" list is so long, it's basically the whole story, so I don't know what you're allowed to say about it.

"Undone" is filled with mystery and discoveries and self-discoveries on the parts of the characters. They don't want you to give anything away. It exists to basically discover new worlds within itself. I can tell you this: We shot it during the worst parts of COVID. Primarily, we shot it alone. We were in the studio alone, and with one exception, I believe I had one scene where there was one other actor, but otherwise ... you had the challenge of acting opposite nothing and trying to recall the people. Rosa Salazar is one of my favorite people, I love to act with her, I love to hang around with her. It was a bummer that I couldn't do the season with her.

Odenkirk's wish list: action movies, cast reunions, and Cinnabon

You've done comedy, you've done drama, and last year, you surprised everyone by becoming an action star with "Nobody." Do you want to do more action movies, and are there any other genres you haven't had the chance to explore yet, but want to?

I absolutely want to do more action. I really enjoyed doing "Nobody." I had a lot more fun [with it] then I thought I would, laughs and really good vibes. As I've said before, there's never been a more violent movie that was made with more love than that film. I would like to do one that is got more humor in it, like an early Jackie Chan film. Those films had such great ... They were a smile, all the way through. I'd love to do an action film that is that.

You've had the chance to work with a lot of great co-stars on "Better Call Saul," including Rhea Seehorn, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito, Jonathan Banks, and so on... Have you kept in contact with any of the stars now that you're done filming?


Would you want to collaborate with them in the future?

Yes, absolutely. We're all good friends. In fact, Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian and I shared a home in Albuquerque for the last three seasons of the show. We're all good friends in personal and real life. I would love to work with anyone or all of them again, and now it's going to be a challenge of trying to make that happen. I think it can happen too.

Now that the show's over, got any job offers from Cinnabon?

Not yet. Come on, Cinnabon, give me a call! I'm sitting around. I know how to make a Cinnabon. They showed me, and I do it right too. I would say it tastes great, but it's probably not something you want to eat every day, but how can you deny how flavorful it is?

"Better Call Saul" Season 6 premieres April 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. "Undone" Season 2 premieres April 29 on Amazon Prime Video.