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The Most Pause-Worthy Todd Moment On Gold Rush

In "Gold Rush," there's one personality who seems to be far and away the most hated in the show: Todd Hoffman. He has so much trouble making his quotas over the years, that it's a running joke among fans that he's pocketing gold. He puts his crew in danger during the Guyana mining expedition for very little payout, and fans like u/Super__Jesus on Reddit seemed excited when he finally exited the series back in 2018. But in the fall of 2021, fans of his (and "Gold Rush" fans who love to hate him) got the news that he would be back on Discovery for his own series in early 2022.

So far, this series, called "Hoffman Family Gold," is only a few episodes in, and it's got a lukewarm 5.2/10 on IMDb as of writing. But this hasn't stopped OG "Gold Rush" fans, like u/Estimate_Fine, from expressing their disbelief that Discovery would give him another shot at the small screen. While bringing up old memories of Todd from the original series, lots of viewers have been reminiscing on a part at the end of Season 7 which has nothing to do with gold, and everything to do with Todd getting caught up in a pause-worthy moment that had fans in stitches.

Viewers enjoyed some slapstick schadenfreude when Todd got in the middle of a fight

In the Season 7 finale, "Final Fury," heated arguments get violent after Todd decides to change things around on the fly. Dave, Todd's loader operator who is already not having a good day, gets reassigned to drive his loader down to another part of the mining operation in order to try and keep the gold flowing. A few minutes after Dave drives off, the show cuts to an excited producer radioing for a camera because Dave has apparently gotten into a physical altercation with fellow miner Trey.

At one point, the feuding miners charge each other again for a second round, with Todd caught between Trey and Dave as the latter takes a flying leap at the former. Todd appears stunned after Dave inadvertently ambushes him, and then goes "down like a sack of potatoes" (according to Paul Venkman in the YouTube comments) after Trey violently flings Todd out of the way while he makes another charge at Dave. Below Venkman's comment, u/M1LL3R T1M3 insisted that "that was the best part" of the episode. Seeing as how the episode has an 8.4/10 on IMDb, the highest-rated episode of that entire season, it seems clear that millions of other viewers felt the same way.