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What Some Chicago P.D. Fans Still Don't Understand About Erin

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) is an important character in "Chicago P.D." during the early seasons. Originally an informant for Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), Lindsay's history is marked by tragedy, hardship, and sorrow. Her parents aren't the best of role models, with her mother suffering from drug abuse issues and her father is incarcerated in prison, which causes Lindsay's formative years to be spent on the streets. However, her work and familiarity with Voight gives the character the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and she graduates from the Police Academy and becomes an officer of the law.

Appearing in 84 episodes of "Chicago P.D.," 11 episodes of "Chicago Fire," six episodes of "Chicago Med," four episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and a singular episode of "Chicago Justice," Lindsay certainly has tons of professional and personal connections (via IMDb). The heartbreaking departure of Lindsay, within the context of the show, is caused by her violent actions against a suspect, but Voight uses his own resources to secure Lindsay a new job in a New York City narcotics unit, which avoids any sort of official reprimand for her brutality in Chicago. 

This is not the first time Lindsay lets her emotions get the better of her, though. The character is definitely known for outbursts and willingness to bend the law in order to serve her version of justice. Recently, fans came together to discuss the character on Reddit, and it seems as if they have some strong thoughts when it comes to the general public perception of Detective Lindsay.

Some fans don't understand the online hate directed towards Erin Lindsay

On the "Chicago P.D." subreddit, u/Dull_Positive_4834 started a robust discussion about Lindsay by stating, "Am I the only one who doesn't understand all the hate for her? She seems to be vilified in most places, especially Twitter. Always admired how she cared for victims, especially young girls and I enjoyed her relationship with jay. Anyone else feel the same?" 

Indeed, they weren't the only one. u/Awkward-Macaroon-819 agreed, adding they felt there was a hint of misogyny in the way many viewers seem to more aggressively criticize the show's female characters, Lindsay included. Others also came to Lindsay's defense, with u/user170863 adding that Lindsay is one of their favorite characters. Meanwhile, u/KimGrennan noted that they are currently re-watching "Chicago P.D.," and that they truly appreciate all of the interactions Lindsay has with her co-workers, and that they were sad to see her go. Fellow Lindsay fan u/splashymothtv also doesn't understand the hate the character gets, writing, "Yeah she was a little depressed sometimes but she was a good character."

Trying to rationalize the criticism the character gets, u/tamiresdr commented, "I feel like Erin gets hate because of the situation of Sophia leaving and speaking up of the terrible condition on set, people tend to hate the ones brave enough to speak up and disqualify them." 

Judging by these fan opinions, it seems like the Lindsay hate is understood very little, and many of the comments show wholehearted support for the former Chicago detective.

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