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What Yellowstone Fans Still Don't Understand About Rip

As the hit Western drama "Yellowstone" continues to expand, so does its dedicated fanbase. The show has garnered a loyal following online, allowing fans to discuss everything from how they really feel about the most polarizing characters to their predictions for the upcoming prequels and spin-offs.

Additionally, "Yellowstone" fans often debate their favorite characters, with a popular answer being ranch foreman Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). Many viewers love his tough-as-nails attitude and unrelenting commitment to his work, even if it means getting blood on his hands or branding new hires.

Rip is a longtime member of the Yellowstone Ranch with a complicated connection to the Dutton family. He had a heartbreaking journey to becoming the cowboy fans know and love. However, as the show progresses, his once-admired brutal behavior has begun to rub some fans the wrong way. Season 4, in particular, left many fans perplexed.

Here's what some fans still don't understand about Rip Wheeler.

Not all Yellowstone fans love Rip's attitude

On the "Yellowstone" subreddit, u/Middle_Presence3965 started a thread titled, "Am I the only one that can't stand Rip??" They went on to say that his constant mistreatment of everyone on the ranch in Season 4 is disheartening, especially newcomer Carter (Finn Little), who also bears the weight of childhood trauma.

Many Rip loyalists pointed to his abusive upbringing not necessarily as an excuse but as an explanation for his abrasiveness. Others agreed that, though they once loved the character, he's going down a concerning path. "I feel he really needs a true, hardcore reality check to turn his a** around and make him see what a d*** he's become," said u/7ruby18.

Some admitted that many of the "Yellowstone" characters are intentionally unlikable. "I think the writers seen the love affair the public was having with the character as a good guy and are reminding (them) that's he's not," suggested u/bigtankbaybay.

Fans also agreed that Rip's relationship with the equally-ruthless Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) only fuels his intense behavior. "I'm convinced they both love the power they have and love to bully anyone and everyone that they believe is beneath them," the OP said.

Despite the criticism, "Yellowstone" fans remain hopeful that he can still right his wrongs.