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How Yellowstone Fans Really Feel About Carter In Season 4

"Yellowstone" Season 3 sees the Dutton family come under attack from all angles, with armed gunmen, ambushes, and explosions rocking the powerful family to its very core. As a result, the Duttons have embarked on a bloody path for revenge in "Yellowstone" Season 4, mercilessly hunting down the hit squads that were sent after each member of the family. Their methods are brutal and often involve torturing people in order to extract information from their would-be assassins. Kevin Costner plays the patriarch of the Dutton family, and the character is joined, once again, this season by his children, Kayce (Luke Grimes), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Jamie (Wes Bentley).

However, "Yellowstone" Season 4 also sees Beth's life take a rather interesting turn. The character was caught in an explosion at the end of Season 3, and in the immediate aftermath, she comes across a young orphan by the name of Carter (Finn Little). After a little coaxing, Beth's husband, Rip (Cole Hauser), eventually comes around to inviting Carter into their family.

But how do "Yellowstone" fans really feel about Carter's Season 4 storyline?

Yellowstone fans are disappointed with Carter's storyline

Based on some comments made by "Yellowstone" fans on the show's official subreddit, it looks like viewers are in agreement about Finn Little's Carter. In one thread, Redditor u/OscarWilde1900 wrote, "I thought we'd get a nice storyline of Beth and Rip taking care of this kid together..instead Beth flips her s*** the first time the kid acts out and now he's just stuck shoveling s*** in the barn. Beth's reaction is totally her but I thought we'd see some character growth from her and Rip but instead it just seems like a pointless storyline." Others expressed their thoughts on the subject, and most seem to believe that Carter's story has not worked very well so far.

u/Effective-West-3370 added, "I absolutely agree that the Carter plot line adds nothing at this point. Beth's behavior was atrocious. She isn't cut out to foster a teen. She had no patience and is not capable of caring for him. Rip is a monster. Lloyd showed him some humanity. John could help but so far has not been inclined." The user concluded their comment by admitting that they're "really not sure where this is going."

Elsewhere, other "Yellowstone" fans argued that children being added to a show's story can sometimes hurt its overall plot. One Reddit user brought up "Married with Children" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as examples, noting that the kids in those shows often became the weak links in their stories. Meanwhile, u/Mindless_Warning_945 revealed that they initially hoped for the best with Carter's "Yellowstone" storyline, but lamented the fact that it currently doesn't add anything to the show's plot, and even referred to the interactions between Rip and Carter as "cringey."

All of which is to say that it looks like "Yellowstone" fans are not particularly enjoying Carter's presence on the show right now.