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Get Ready For Banter In New Psych: The Movie Preview

Shawn and Gus are the deliverers of fake news in the newest promo for USA's upcoming Psych: The Movie. The holiday film is set to get the gang all back together after three years off the air to fight against a terrifying new threat to the Santa Barbara Police Department.

The new preview, like the first trailer released for the film, won't tell you any of that. Instead, it just focuses on James Roday's Shawn and Dule Hill's Gus delivering some not so reliable facts about the movie. "It's coming," Shawn says at the start of the clip. "The moment you've all been dreaming of, begging for, and mailing rotten pineapples to the USA Network about." While all that may be true, the film is definitely not coming to a theater near you, and it won't be in 3D either. (Jury's still out on an appearance from Canada's own Brian Goosering– sorry, we mean Ryan Gosling.) 

The promos have revealed very little so far about the movie's plot, but we do have some idea of what will go down. The film will see Shawn and Gus coming back together to stop Zachary Levi's Thin White Duke, a rich and driven villain who has it out for the pair, feeling that they betrayed him. "I would put him on scale with like, a Batman villain," Roday said at San Diego Comic-Con. Added show creator Steve Frank, "He's not above anything to get what he wants. We're gonna see him eliminate anybody who stands in his way." (via Entertainment Weekly)

There will be plenty of members of team Psych to stand in his way. Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen, and Kirsten Nelson are all set to reprise their characters, with Timothy Omundsen coming back in a limited capacity due to a stroke he suffered shortly before production. Ralph Macchio is set to come back as Nick Conforth, while somehow Jimmi Simpson's Mary Lightly will come back from the dead for the series.

New cast members include WWE champ Charlotte Flair, as well as Hill's real-life fiancee Jazmyn Simon, who will play a love interest for Gus. Cary Elwes, a fan favorite guest star from the series who had previously been announced as part of the cast for the movie, actually will not appear due to scheduling issues.

The movie, co-written by Franks and Roday, will premiere on USA Network this December. While we wait, read up on the untold truth of Psych.