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Chicago Fire Season 11 - What We Know So Far

Working fire and rescue can be a dangerous and rewarding job for those with the moxie to engage in such a noble profession. "Chicago Fire" is about many different characters and jobs within the sphere of fire fighting, such as rescue, the operation of fire trucks and engines, and emergency response paramedics and support staff. Starring Jesse Spencer, Eamonn Walker, Taylor Kinney, and Kara Killmer, "Chicago Fire" is the first of Dick Wolf's "One Chicago" franchise and is currently airing its 10th season.

Season 10 of "Chicago Fire" deals with some serious shakeups, like Matthew Casey (Spencer) deciding to move to Oregon to look after a friend's children, Stella Kidd's (Miranda Rae Mayo) growth into the role of lieutenant, a deadly arsonist who targets a church, and the launch Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) and Darren Ritter's (Daniel Kyri) microbrew venture during a local festival. According to TV Series Finale, "Chicago Fire" is often the most-watched television show from the "One Chicago" franchise, and typically earns around 7 million viewers per episode. Considering the overwhelming popularity of the show, what exactly do we know about a potential Season 11 of "Chicago Fire"?

Chicago Fire is officially coming back for Season 11

As mentioned earlier, "Chicago Fire" is still in Season 10, but luckily for fans, the show is definitely coming back for Season 11. Back in 2020, the series was renewed for three more seasons — Seasons 9, 10, and 11 (via Deadline). NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy spoke of the continuation of Wolf franchises like "One Chicago" and "Law & Order," and said, "Dick Wolf has proven time and time again that he makes shows audiences love. We are delighted, excited and proud that as part of this epic deal with Wolf Entertainment, NBC's loyal audience will know that their favorite shows have a certain future for the next three years."

Unfortunately, there is no set release date for Season 11 of "Chicago Fire" yet, nor an official roster for the cast, but it's safe to assume that many of the actors will be returning, barring any kind of significant changes in the final episodes of Season 10. Typically, "Chicago Fire" seasons tend to start in or around September, so fans may not have to wait very long to see one of their favorite show pick back up with brand new episodes. For reference, Season 10 aired its first episode on September 22, 2021 (via IMDb). Either way, it will be interesting to see how the story of "Chicago Fire" progresses in the next season, and whether or not there will be more to come after.