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The Worst Scene In World War Z That You Likely Forgot Existed

When Max Brooks' novel "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" made its way to bookstores in 2006, it was praised by many outlets (including Entertainment Weekly) as a thrilling, page-turning treat that put a fresh spin on the well-trod genre of zombie fiction. Set 10 years after a zombie outbreak nearly wipes out humanity, Brooks' novel follows a writer traveling the globe to collect first-hand accounts of the titular war from folks who fought on the front lines. The book is a perfect mix of straight-forward zombie horror and intricately-detailed historical fiction.

One thing many readers no doubt also felt while taking in "World War Z" is that it's exceedingly well-suited to a cinematic adaptation. Brad Pitt clearly agreed, as he secured the novel's theatrical rights through his own production company in 2007, and fast-tracked the project with an impressive list of talent attached. Unfortunately, the film was dogged by production problems (per Collider), and by the time "World War Z" made its way to theaters in 2013, it hardly resembled the beloved novel that inspired it.

Narrative changes and production issues aside, "World War Z" was still well-enough received by critics and audiences (via Rotten Tomatoes), and provided plenty of zombie-fueled thrills and chills. There is, however, one scene late in the film so bad it nearly undid all the goodwill earned by the undead drama that came before. This is the worst scene in "World War Z."

An egregious bit of product placement undercuts one of World War Z's best scenes

Said scene arrives in the final moments of "World War Z," and serves as one of the more glaring bits of product placement in the history of cinema. And for those who've forgotten, that scene finds Brad Pitt's character Gerry triumphantly walking unscathed through a horde of zombies to prove the success of a pathogenic agent that camouflages humans from the undead. Before he does, however, Gerry stops at a vending machine to enjoy an ice-cold Pepsi. And if you've ever searched the scene on YouTube, you know even fans of the "World War Z" movie have issues with the absurd bit of product placement. 

Those fans include Joe Smith, who commented on one YouTube video, "I laughed out loud during this scene."  And they were not alone, as several others posted they had the same reaction. Indeed, CobraCartoon pointed out the laughable product placement is even more frustrating as it wholly undercuts the electrifying scene preceding it, in which Gerry first tests the pathogen after becoming locked in a room with a zombie. "I remember watching this in theaters and how quiet everyone got, how everyone cheered when it worked," they wrote, "and how everyone laughed when Pitt drank that Pepsi."

Complete with a close-up of Pitt almost comically taking a sip, the infamous scene feels straight out of a legit Pepsi commercial, and it's horribly out of place within the film. That fact is noted by YouTuber MBR The Brony, who savagely called the movie, "The most expensive Pepsi commercial ever." A few comments later, Nathaniel Drake even referenced the film's troubled production as a possible reason the scene exists, posting, "Who do you think payed for all those reshoots?" And we're now wondering whether that might actually be true.