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Who Plays Lucas In When Calls The Heart?

Lucas Bouchard has made quite the splash on the Hallmark Channel's signature drama series, "When Calls the Heart." The former vagabond buys Hope Valley's local saloon during Season 6 of the show and soon makes a play for the heart of the widowed schoolteacher and wannabe author Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), who is trying to cope with single motherhood in the wake of the death of her husband, Jack (Daniel Lissing). Lucas soon finds himself in a competition for the heart of Elizabeth with Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry), who happens to be a Mountie just like her late husband. A triangle between Elizabeth, the by-the-book Nathan, and the more roguish Lucas soon underpins the entire sixth season.

As Season 6 progresses, Elizabeth dates both men for a while. Season 7 puts Lucas and Elizabeth through a series of ups and downs as she seems to select him, and while they appear to be on solid ground for a period of time, Elizabeth hugs Nathan after he goes through a near-death experience right in the middle of the town square, upsetting Lucas. Returning to Hope Valley at the start of Season 8, the contest for the teacher's heart reaches a fever pitch, and Elizabeth chooses to court Lucas. 

With Season 9 underway and the twosome officially starting to get closer, it appears that Lucas will be staying in Hope Valley for a very long time. And now that Elizabeth and Lucas are officially courting, "Hearties" can't get enough of their relationship — or, for that matter, the handsome actor who plays Lucas. So, what's the name of the actor who has so thoroughly captured their hearts?

Chris McNally plays Lucas

Per IMDb, Chris McNally has been playing Lucas since the character landed on "When Calls the Heart" in 2019. Before adding the character to his resume, McNally appeared in multiple independent short films, such as "The Plastic Protocol" and "Coerced." He also appeared in a large number of independent films, such as "Mortal Remains" and "The Orchard."

The actor put in a number of television guest spots on dramas such as "Supernatural," "Falling Skies" and "Killer Instinct." The actor gained a foothold in the Hallmark world by appearing in a number of Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries films, such as "Hearts of Christmas," "The Gourmet Detective" miniseries and "Rocky Mountain Christmas." The actor has continued to take on roles in Hallmark TV movies, and he even appeared three times in the Netflix series "Altered Carbon" as Sergei Brevlov. 

McNally's TV appearances don't end there, though. He portrayed Cal Dennison in Lifetime's 2019 adaption of the V.C. Andrews novel "Heaven." He also showed up as Alan Mayberry in the fifth season of "Riverdale." Going forward, it looks like his roles are going to be increasingly mainstream. Via IMDb, he has supporting roles in three upcoming projects: the Paramount +'s continuation of the "Grease" saga, "Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies," the second season of Netflix's "Firefly Lane," and the upcoming Hallmark original TV movie "A Tail of Love."