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37% Of Big Bang Theory Fans Agree This Is Their Least Favorite Character

Love it or hate it, few can deny that CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" stands as one of the landmark sitcoms of the modern-day. Centering upon the comedic exploits of a group of science-savvy friends living in California, the show became renowned for its emphasis on humor based in nerd culture. Though the series concluded its lengthy 12 season run back in 2019, the franchise has continued on in the form of the ongoing prequel series "Young Sheldon." Devoted fans have also kept the original show relevant through lively discussions about their retrospective thoughts on various aspects of the series.

Even for very loyal fans of "The Big Bang Theory," there were certainly elements of the show that fall flat, one being a handful of certain character portrayals. While fans have long debated about who takes the dubious honor of being the worst character out of the decidedly long list of candidates, there does seem to be at least some consensus among viewers on Reddit regarding who ranks as the weakest of the weak.

Lots of fans dislike Bernadette

Watchers of "The Big Bang Theory" may remember Melissa Rauch's character of Bernadette Rostenkowski. Debuting in the show's third season as a co-worker of main character Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Bernadette quickly made a name for herself as one of the show's most animated characters with her hot-headed persona and aggressive temperament. As it turns out, however, many fans of the series don't look back on Bernadette too fondly. In a recent poll on the r/bigbangtheory subreddit, fans voted for their least favorite character from the show. When all was said and done, Bernadette won handily with roughly 37% of the overall vote.

"Bernadette is just plain horrible," Reddit user u/Superadam1011 commented on the poll. Meanwhile, u/KeanuCharlesSleeves shared both some positives and negatives by writing, "Bernadette is pretty in-likable. She steps on so many people. I will give it to her though, she treats her friends well."

While the poll demonstrated Bernadette's clear lack of popularity, some noted that they preferred her in the earlier seasons and argued that she only became an unlikeable character later on in the show. Others even came in outright defense of Bernadette, arguing that she shook up the series in a way few other characters did. 

"You guys really hate Bernadette?" user u/gamingtamizha commented. "Atleast she adds some spice to the scenes."

Now that "The Big Bang Theory" has concluded, fans' positions on Bernadette as a character are unlikely to change. While the character has her defenders, she, unfortunately, continues to be looked upon by many as the worst character on the show.