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The Worst Gold Rush Series According To IMDb

When "Gold Rush" first premiered on Discovery in 2010, a reality series following gold miners of varying levels of experience was something that had essentially never been televised before. Now, just over a decade later, "Gold Rush" still has a monopoly on its core concept, but over the course of more than 250 episodes (via IMDb), plenty of viewers have become accustomed to watching quasi-real gold mining drama on TV.

Perhaps in response to the fact that its premise is no longer novel, the producers of "Gold Rush" have worked on a number of spinoffs over the course of the decade-plus the original series has been on the air. These include shows like "Gold Rush: South America," which follows personalities with whom habitual "Gold Rush" viewers should already be familiar searching for gold in Guyana. More recently, Discovery premiered "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine," a gold mine renovation series currently available through Discovery's website.

Given that the "Gold Rush" brand has sustained over a decade of TV across a lengthy mainline series and multiple spinoffs, it's safe to say "Gold Rush" is a hit with its habitual viewers. That said, one "Gold Rush" spinoff in particular has a notably lower IMDb rating than virtually every other show under the "Gold Rush" umbrella, suggesting it's the consensus pick for worst spinoff among IMDb users on the whole.

Gold Rush: The Dirt holds the lowest rating of any Gold Rush series on IMDb

Presumably modeled after similar series like "The Walking Dead" talkshow "Talking Dead" or "Stranger Things" aftershow "Beyond Stranger Things," Discovery likewise created a "Gold Rush" spinoff titled "Gold Rush: The Dirt." In a typical episode, some of the personalities featured throughout "Gold Rush" will offer more candid, behind-the-scenes insight into some of the drama featured over the course of the show, in addition to answering interview questions that might not fit into the purview of the mainline series.

On IMDb, the aggregate viewer score for "Gold Rush: The Dirt" currently sits at a 4.8 out of 10, which is lower than any other "Gold Rush" entry. By comparison, the vanilla "Gold Rush" currently holds a 7.3 rating. That said, the two most common ratings for "Gold Rush: The Dirt" among IMDb users are 10 and 1, suggesting that its average is more the result of polarization than widespread criticism.

User reviews, meanwhile, are limited. Furthermore, the single 1 star review for the series on IMDb is principally a criticism of the show's incorporation of musical cues, suggesting that some of its other low ratings may indicate specific gripes rather than dislike of the show as a whole. Possible justifications aside, the net rating for "Gold Rush: The Dirt" still remains lower than that of any other "Gold Rush" series on IMDb when all is said and done.