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The Boys Season 2 Scene That's Hard For Fans To Watch

Brutality and copious amounts of gore and dark humor are hallmarks of Amazon's adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic "The Boys." Based in a world where superheroes have become a marketable asset of corporations, "The Boys" stars Karl Urban, Anthony Starr, Jack Quaid, and Erin Moriarty (via IMDb). Anthony Starr plays the role of Homelander, a Superman-style "hero" that is deeply unhinged and prone to fits of violence, and although he is the quintessential flagship hero of Vought International, he is also one of the primary villains of the show.

In opposition to unchecked superheroes comes Billy Butcher (Urban), who carries a serious grudge specifically towards Homelander, which results in his downright hostility towards other "supes." Season 2 of "The Boys" sees Billy and his crew attempt to bring down an increasingly violent Homelander, which eventually results in a brief reunion between Billy and his wife. Season 2 is marked with incredibly lethal scenes, like when Homelander critically wounds a potential handicapped superhero, or when he murders several Vought soldiers in jaw-dropping fashion while he asks about his son. With the general subject matter of "The Boys" often crossing into hard-to-watch territory, which moment in particular really gets under the skin of fans from Season 2?

Fans gasp at Homelander's attack on a crowd

The discussion of the most jaw-dropping scene of Season 2 was initiated by Redditor u/kollpoper, who posted a clip of Homelander with the title, "This scene makes my heart stop." The moment in question shows Homelander dealing with a mixed crowd of soldiers and civilians, who are protesting his involvement in international affairs. However, Homelander becomes enraged at the crowd as they levy curses and chants toward the super-powered individual, which causes him to snap and unleash lasers from his eyes. This ability decimates the crowd, killing and maiming several. The scene is played as if it actually happens, but then it is revealed that it is all in Homelander's imagination.

Several others also felt the same way about the scene, with u/JoelRobbin writing, "What's scary is that I'm sure at some point in the show this will probably happen for real – Homelander will snap and kill civilians." u/aldairbear added, "I gasped so loud when it happened I scared my younger brother when we were watching it, it absolutely scared me thinking he actually did it for that brief second." Apparently, the intensity of the scene doesn't lessen upon rewatch. u/hypnodrew replied, "My heart's racing and this is like the fifth time I've seen this scene, it's so effective." It appears then that in a show that's absolutely filled with heinous and uncomfortable levels of violence, fans tend to draw a line when it comes to the wholesale and rage-filled slaughter of innocents.

Season 3 of "The Boys" will premiere on Amazon on June 3, 2022.