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For All Mankind Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Teaser - What We Know So Far

Apple TV+'s "For All Mankind" combines personal drama with sci-fi speculation. The show gives audience members an alternative future world in which Russian space program founder Sergei Korolev does not die before Russia can fully form its cosmonaut program. This results in Russia landing on the moon first in 1969, which in turn caused America to be much bolder in forming their own space program, taking chances to provide NASA with their best and brightest hope at a brand new future. The first season of the show moves from 1969 to 1973, then jumps ahead to 1983. Season 2 takes place in 1983, then jumps ahead to 1995. 

As time marches on, and America and Russia continue the space race under the constant threat of the Cold War, personal lives become tangled with political and business motives. Dazzling advances in science occur (America, for instance, establishes a base on the planet called Jamestown) as well as terrifying political lowlights (the Cold War takes on deadly and dangerous dimensions and lives are threatened, even extinguished, by the conflict).

Apple TV + renewed "For All Mankind" for a third season back in December 2020 (per Variety) So, when will you be able to watch Season 3 of "For All Mankind," what will it be about, and what does the trailer for the season show? Here's what we know so far. 

When will Season 3 of For All Mankind be released?

Per a release date announcement from Apple TV + posted to their YouTube page, the third season of "For All Mankind" will hit the streamer on June 10, 2022. There's no word as of press time as to whether or not the show will be released in a weekly manner or will arrive on the service in a single lump.

Previous seasons of "For All Mankind," per IMDb, did not follow a singular matching release pattern. The first three episodes of Season 1 were released on November 1, 2019, with the rest of its 10 episodes following on a weekly basis until December 20, 2019. Season 2 used a weekly schedule, and one episode was released every Friday from February 19, 2021, to April 23, 2021. Those who yearn to explore the furthest reaches of space while also glorying in some earthbound drama will have to wait a while to find out how much of Season 3 they'll get to see per week.

Who will star in the third season of For All Mankind?

Per TVLine, it looks like "For All Mankind" will experience a bit of a cast shake-up as the show's third season rolls around. While actors Shantel VanSanten (Karen Baldwin), Jodi Balfour (Ellen Waverly-Wilson), Joel Kinnaman (Edward Baldwin), Krys Marshall (Danielle Poole), Cynthy Wu (Kelly Baldwin), Sonya Walger (Molly Cobb), Casey Johnson (Danny Stevens), Coral Peña (Aleida Rosales) and Wrenn Schmidt (Margo Madison) will all be back in their roles, the show's going to add a new face. Edi Gathegi will join the program as Dev Ayesa, a character described by a casting note published on their website as a "charismatic visionary." 

Two regulars exited the series during the show's Season 2 finale – Michael Dorman's Gordo Stevens and Sarah Jones' Tracy Stevens. Both characters sacrificed their own lives to save the moon from experiencing nuclear annihilation during a Russian hostage crisis by leaving the lunar base and enduring the vacuum of space without properly-sealed suits.

Where can I watch For All Mankind's Season 3 teaser?

While Apple + hasn't yet released a full trailer for the show's third season, you can watch a teaser above. 

This teaser video offers fans a glimpse of both lunar and martian surfaces before showing a group of astronauts standing on the surface of Mars in 1995 at the rim of a large crater. Under a series of textural quotes lauding the series from multiple critics, a voice can be heard declaring that, "when united behind a common goal there is nothing we cannot achieve."

What does this mean for the show's third season? Per an official logline from Apple TV+, posted by TVLine, after Russia and America spent the show's first two seasons fighting for the right to colonize the moon, they've set their sights on a whole new world this time out — Mars. "The Red Planet becomes the new front in the Space Race not only for the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but also an unexpected new entrant with a lot to prove and even more at stake," the blurb reads. This is slated to lead to a lot of interpersonal conflicts as the space explorers orientate themselves to this brand new mission. Elsewhere, the now-grown Stevens children will try to learn how to cope without their parents.

Fans will find out what's in store when Season 3 of "For All Mankind" debuts on June 10.