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The Gifted Promo Reveals Mutant Powers

We'll soon venture into another unexplored corner of the Marvel universe.

The Gifted, a new drama series from X-Men director Bryan Singer, will take a ground-level approach to mutants, set in a world where the X-Men and the Brotherhood are known about, but no longer around. A new promo for the series (above) introduces most of the major players and also reveals the underlying storyline.

The plot revolves around the Strucker family: parents Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Caitlin (Amy Acker), and their children Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White). While Reed makes a living prosecuting mutants, he soon learns that both of his kids are actually mutants. Lauren has the ability to bring molecules together to create forcefields, while Andy can rip things apart with his mind. 

But they're not the only mutants we meet in the video; there are also a few faces familiar to comic book readers. We get introductions to Polaris (Emma Dumont), who can control all metal; Blink (Jamie Chung), who can open portals; and Thunderbird (Blair Redford), who has super-strength, extra-dense muscle, and the ability to see into the near future.

Showrunner Matt Nix said that the show will take a very realistic approach to the subject matter. "We want to put the audience on the ground with the mutants," he said. "There are no superhero suits, there's no X-jet, no one's coming to the rescue." 

The Gifted premieres Oct. 2 on Fox. Meanwhile, take a look at more TV shows that will blow everyone away this year.