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The Haikyuu!! Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Haikyuu!!" delivers an inspiring and exhilarating underdog story set in the world of high school volleyball. The anime begins with a teenage boy named Shōyō Hinata, whose short stature can't stop him from embarking upon his dream of becoming a great volleyball player. The trouble is, Karasuno High  School isn't the volleyball institution it once was. Can Hinata and his teammates bring it back from the brink? Maybe — but it's going to take a whole lot of work.

Even if you don't know a wing spiker from a weather vane, this anime's depiction of volleyball's detailed gameplay, suspense-filled matches, and intense training regimen will get you hooked on the sport. But the real secret of the success "Haikyuu!!" has enjoyed is in its characters. This anime introduces fans to a wide variety of interesting people, encompassing passionate Karasuno players, dedicated managers, encouraging coaches, loyal supporters, and powerful opponents from many different parts of the country. The way their roles in the sport come to define them brings to mind another sort of personality categorization: That provided by astrology. Which Zodiac signs do the characters of "Haikuu!!" align with, and which player, supporter, or coach does that make you? We're here to answer that question.

Aries: Ryūnosuke Tanaka

Ryūnosuke Tanaka is a hard-hitting player known for his passion, confidence, and boldness. This makes him a total Aries. Like those born under this sign, Tanaka is filled with energy, aggression, and enthusiasm. As a wing spiker, he directs these traits into his sharp and intense spikes, making him an unstoppable force on the court. Whenever he gets blocked or riled up by an opponent, he isn't impeded for long: Aries' optimistic nature and courage allow him to push through.

While his physical strength is admirable, Tanaka's mental fortitude is what makes him truly thrive in intense matches. Aries individuals are renowned for this virtue, but they're also infamously quick-tempered and confrontational. Tanaka is no exception: He has a tendency of casually confronting and intimidating other players — and even random strangers — who may show interest in Karasuno's enchanting team manager, Kiyoko Shimizu. Aries often take action before thinking things through, which means this doesn't always go well for Tanaka.

Despite being short-tempered, Tanaka doesn't let anger get the best of him. In fact, he's beloved for his playful and loud personality. Fans love his childish and fun interactions with Nishinoya, as well as his support of the team's younger members. Aries folks can be intense, but they're also stalwart friends.

Taurus: Kei Tsukishima

A middle blocker, Kei Tsukishima is a dependable teammate who can be counted on in crucial moments of the game. This solidity defines Taurus, one of the most enduring and stable signs in the Zodiac. Tsukishima is a logical thinker who prefers to form blocking strategies through analysis and observation instead of relying on instinct. This is evident throughout the team's matches, where he's seen closely watching opponents' moves in order to accurately discern the ball's direction. This level of read-blocking skill can only be achieved through patience and concentration — Taurus traits, in other words.

Like so many Taureans, Tsukishima is a misunderstood character. His nonchalant personality may come off as laziness, especially when compared to Kageyama and Hinata's extraordinary passion for volleyball. But this is actually Taurus' way of avoiding failure and securing a desired outcome: They keep an even keel, so as not to burn themselves out. This results in Tsukishima's admirable consistency in every match, which makes him a very valuable player.

Due to this calculated performance, he rarely loses his composure on the court. The only time he shows his Taurean stubbornness is in Season 3's "The Volleyball Idiots." During the fourth set of the Shiratorizawa match, despite sustaining an injury to the hand, Tsukishima eagerly forces himself back into the game — he's just that desperate to block Ushijima's spikes.

Gemini: Yū Nishinoya

Spontaneous, playful, and energetic — these are the traits that define Gemini and the Karasuno team's competent libero, Yu Nishinoya. Nishinoya's lively presence uplifts his teammates on and off the court. Like all Geminis, he's not the type to contain his emotions: He expresses his feelings immediately through unfiltered words, loud declarations, and over-the-top actions. Moreover, due to his friendly and fun-loving nature, Nishinoya works well with others and is considerate of their feelings.

A uniquely mutable sign, Gemini individuals are adept at facing change. This is apparent in Nishinoya's position as a libero, which requires him to cleverly lead the team's defensive play. His versatility shines in every match, where he is able to swiftly adjust to any challenges that arise within a set. In addition to his outgoing personality, Nishinoya also possesses the Gemini trait of intellectual curiosity. He's always ready to learn new tricks that will help him distinguish himself from other liberos. This is seen in Season 2, when he tries to learn the libero toss after seeing Aoba Johsai's Shinji Watari use the cool technique. Ever the intelligent and versatile Gemini, he successfully deploys this new trick in a synchronized attack during the Shiratorizawa match.

Cancer: Kōshi Sugawara

As one of the older members of the Karasuno team, Kōshi Sugawara is their principal support system. This protective role lands him squarely in Cancer territory. Sugawara's caring and gentle Cancerian nature allows him to yield his position as the team's official setter to Kageyama, a more talented athlete. This ability to make difficult decisions, put one's self aside, and behave with kindness defines Cancer, a sign distinguished by truly shining honor.

When Sugawara gets the chance to sub in for Kageyama, he brings 100% of his skill and effort to the game. When he's not on the court, however, Sugawara is on the sidelines, fiercely cheering on his teammates. His comforting presence, empathy, and intuition are enormously helpful: A Cancer can make anyone feel better. He first shows off these lovely qualities in Season 1 of "Haikyuu!!," after he notices Kageyama struggling with teamwork skills. He mentors the volleyball prodigy, and helps him improve his communication skills on the court.

Cancers are also known as sentimental individuals — a characteristic Sugawara displays throughout the anime, especially when the team engages in a tense match. This is particularly obvious when he's almost brought to tears by Hinata's game-saving receive, during the last minutes of the team's final set against Inarizaki.

Leo: Kōtarō Bokuto

With his spiky white-gray hair and expressive actions, Kōtarō Bokuto is impossible to miss. This makes him a classic Leo. Leos gravitate towards the spotlight, often through incredible talent — something Bokuto has in spades. As Fukurōdani's famous wing spiker, Bokuto's extraordinary skills are so attention-grabbing, he's recognized as one of Japan's top five aces.

In addition to serving as a powerhouse ace, Bokuto is also team captain. This isn't a surprising choice, given that Leos are natural-born leaders who have big reserves of courage, pride, and loyalty. They're also great to be around: Bokuto is the same playful and friendly guy on and off the court, even towards opponents. But despite this overflowing affability and self-confidence, Bokuto can be moody. An example of this arrives during his team's match against Eiwa High School: Ever the spotlight-hungry Leo, he gets upset because they're not assigned to play in the main arena, where the larger crowd is. Luckily, whenever he gets into a dejected state, his savvy teammates turn to casual flattery to lift their captain's spirits.

Regardless of his slightly egocentric tendencies, Bokuto is principally characterized by his kindness and consideration. This is seen during the Tokyo Expedition arc, when he gladly mentors Hinata about his spike and displays impressive caring towards Tsukishima.

Virgo: Tobio Kageyama

Before joining Karasuno, Tobio Kageyama is given the title "King of the Court" by his former teammates. But his exceptional skills as a player are often overshadowed by his critical views on the game and his selfish style of play, which comes from overbearing perfectionism. Such perfectionism defines Virgo, and can be a positive or a negative quality — sometimes, at the same time. Kageyama is a great example: His perfectionism allows him to become a hard-working and dedicated player, but it also hinders his performance as a teammate. Thanks to the team's older members and his own desire to improve, Kageyama is able to move past this weakness and become a more reliable member of the team.

As a setter, Kageyama expertly handles most of the team's offensive plays using his analytical and resourceful nature. Like all Virgos, Kageyama is a logical thinker who can adapt to any challenges that might arise within a game. This has given him a reputation as a volleyball genius, especially due to his pinpoint accuracy and flexible sense of the game. Virgos are often recognized for their high intellectual abilities in this manner.

At first glance, Kageyama may come off as cold and harsh, especially given his intimidating appearance and sharp glare. But he's actually a loyal and supportive teammate, who eventually develops a more considerate approach on and off the court. He is, in short, the best sort of Virgo. 

Libra: Keiji Akaashi

Serving as the calm and collected setter of the Fukurōdani team is Keiji Akaashi, who is introduced in Season 2 during the Tokyo Expedition arc. He's best known as the Fukurōdani player most capable of handling Bokuto's erratic behavior and on-court mood swings. This valuable ability to deal with conflict makes him a true team player and a total Libra.

As the embodiment of balance and harmony, Libras are diplomatic and detail-oriented people who value peace and fairness. Akaashi exhibits these traits in matches where he must make split-second decisions at crucial moments of play. Libras are, unsurprisingly, excellent leaders, renowned for their ability to bring union to fractured groups and make fair-minded choices. As the team's setter and vice captain, all of Akaashi's decisions are attuned to bringing about the best possible outcome for this friends and teammates.

Forming partnerships is very important to Libras. Akaashi's strong teamwork with Bokuto is a great example of this. Their bond is evident throughout their appearances in the anime: They're always seen together, despite their opposing personalities. Such differences can't impede a Libra — in fact, they're particularly good at befriending people who seem completely at odds with them.

Scorpio: Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima is the intimidating ace and captain of the Shiratorizawa team. He's likely the most feared and respected player within Miyagi Prefecture, due to his almost unstoppable spikes and perfect serves. It's definitely a difficult task to determine which Zodiac sign best describes him — and for that reason alone, he's a classic Scorpio.

Scorpios are enigmatic, mysterious, and difficult to read. Ushijima, who rarely exhibits emotion, definitely fits this description. This sign is also known for having a black and white perspective on the world. Ushijima exhibits this sort of mindset towards sports: He rigidly believes that strong and talented people like Oikawa belong on powerful teams like Shiratorizawa. It is for this reason that Ushijima isn't fond of Hinata when he first meets him. He thinks Hinata's declarations of beating Shiratorizawa are useless dreams, given his short stature, and isn't interested in pretending otherwise. 

Ushijima is also known for his straightforward personality, which many Scorpios exhibit. Whenever he speaks to a teammate or an opponent, he says whatever he thinks, with very little filter. While this means that he can come off as rude and careless, Ushijima is really just a man of few words who doesn't like to sugarcoat things. There's virtue in that, even if it does make Scorpio a particularly misunderstood sign.

Sagittarius: Shōyō Hinata

Shōyō Hinata's bright and optimistic personality makes him the epitome of all things Sagittarius. This sign is widely recognized for its loud, friendly, and adventurous attitude. Indeed, Hinata's compelling and lively disposition sees him make plenty of friends, no matter how introverted they may be. This is apparent when Hinata successfully forms a bond with Date Tech's stone-faced middle blocker Aone and Nekoma's unbothered setter Kenma. Hinata also catches the attention of Inarizaki setter Atsumu Miya, who promises to toss the ball to him someday after seeing Hinata's unyielding trust in Kageyama.

Sagittarians are widely known for their obsession with self-improvement, which is just one facet of their insatiable quest for knowledge. This restless and eager nature radiates through Hinata's passion for volleyball. Over and over again, he shows how willing he is to do whatever it takes to become the best player possible. This is especially obvious in Season 4, when he decides to sneak into Coach Tanji Washijo's special freshmen training camp, after he fails to get an invite. Despite not being able to play, He still seizes the opportunity to be ball boy so that he can observe and learn from the best players.

Capricorn: Daichi Sawamura

As the captain of the Karasuno team, Daichi is a very responsible and disciplined player. Though he's supportive and caring, he's also capable of being serious and authoritative when he needs to be. All of these are important qualities in a leader, and key characteristics of a Capricorn.

Like all Capricorns, Daichi has enormous patience and perseverance, which he displays in many practices and games. Even when the going gets tough, he always strives to control his emotions for the sake of the team, who turn to him for strength and guidance. An example of this comes when he accidentally crashes into Tanaka and hurts his head during their match with Wakutani Minami in Season 2. Instead of showing how hurt he is, Daichi smiles through the pain and quickly apologizes to Tanaka, before the wing spiker further blames himself for the incident.

Despite this understanding attitude, Daichi is also capable of being very strict and scary. Capricorns want to be respected rather than admired, and will put their foot down accordingly. Daichi needs to be tough in order to keep mischievous players like Nishinoya and Tanaka in line — but at the end of the day, he's still resolutely on their side.

Aquarius: Satori Tendō

Serving as the middle blocker for Shiratorizawa is the eccentric Satori Tendō. His striking red hair and tall figure easily make him one of Karasuno's most memorable and interesting opponents. Due to his odd personality, Tendō always feels like an outcast — something those born under the sign of Aquarius are very familiar with, and don't necessarily resent. Their progressive and rebellious natures allow them to break away from mainstream society: These are the type of people who go left, whenever others are going right. It's a unique life, but they wouldn't want any other.

Like so many Aquarians, Tendō is unpredictable, which is actually one of his main strengths as a middle blocker. Unlike Karasuno's Tsukishima, Tendō doesn't use traditional blocking techniques: He prefers to rely entirely on his intuition. Because of his blocks' high accuracy, he's given the title "Guess Monster." Aquarius' respect for intuition tends to play out well in this manner, leading many to respect them, even if they don't totally understand them.

Despite their offbeat nature, Aquarians shouldn't be mistaken for loners. These individuals can thrive in large groups, where they use their odd charm and dry wit to win others over. This is why Tendō can still get along with his teammates, including the stoic Ushijima — and it's a big part of what makes him such a great player.

Pisces: Hitoka Yachi

When Hitoka Yachi first appears in Season 2, the jumpy freshman makes it immediately clear that she's a dyed-in-the-wool Pisces. From the moment she encounters the beautiful Kiyoko Shimizu to the day she finally meets the rowdy and intense Karasuno team, Yachi shows how easily she can get caught up in overthinking and imaginative flights of fancy. These traits make Pisceans' receptive and sensitive natures clear. This sign's tendency to daydream isn't empty-headedness, though — it's actually caused by a need to escape from the pressures of reality. Pisceans feel everything, and they feel it all strongly.

Pisceans are also known for their artistic and creative abilities, which are very beneficial to Yachi as the second manager of the Karasuno team. Through her innate creativity, which she seems to have inherited from her skilled mother, she makes vivid posters for the team so they can raise money for volleyball-related trips. Pisceans are further distinguished for their compassion and selflessness. Yachi makes this clear when she witnesses Kageyama and Hinata fight in Season 2, due to a disagreement regarding their quick attack combo. Despite not being involved in the argument, she gets extremely affected by it and does everything she can to help them get through it, including helping Kageyama master the sets Hinata wants him to do.