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The Worst American Pickers Episode From Season 4 According To IMDb

Garages, storage sheds, barns, old homes, and businesses can often be overlooked because they are filled to the brim with what appears to be junk to the untrained eye, but for the crew of "American Pickers," these locations are essentially hidden bounties of untold treasure. Most of the episodes of the popular reality television series feature Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, who generally travel across the United States in pursuit of valuable and collectible antiques that are usually ignored and collecting dust.

Currently in Season 23, and with well over 340 episodes (via IMDb), "American Pickers" has captured the attention of numerous viewers over the years, with interesting finds like old motorcycles, cars, toys, signs, bicycles, and other such knickknacks that have a secret value. Season 4 of "American Pickers" sees Wolfe and Fritz discover a vintage motorcycle collection, aid a Civil War museum's search for artifacts, and even get a call from a "Pawn Stars" star who needs help with finding an antique Chevrolet for a birthday present. However, which episode is the worst of Season 4, according to IMDb?

The worst episode of Season 4 of American Pickers is Episode 12

According to IMDb, the worst episode of Season 4 is Episode 12 of the season, titled "8th Grade Humor," which has a 6.2 out of 10 score. Ratings for episodes are an aggregate score based on user-submitted reviews, and this particular episode has 20 votes that range from a perfect ten to an abysmal one, so it appears as if opinions on the quality of the episode in question are wild to say the least.

As a refresher, "8th Grade Humor" picks up with Fritz and Wolfe "freestyling" through Iowa. Freestyling is the phrase they use when they are driving aimlessly around and looking for leads, as opposed to being contacted or sent to a specific location. In the course of their wandering, they luckily come across an old vintage toy museum, which immediately catches their attention, and they can't but help to stop and check things out. Wolfe and Fritz also have a discussion with a local historian (and fire marshal) about his job and his efforts at "picking," as well as another moment that involves a huge collection of auction items that become available for purchase. Unfortunately, these events didn't exactly land with users of IMDb, and the score for "8th Grade Humor" suffers as a result.