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The Most Pause-Worthy Kevin Moment On Gold Rush

Sometimes, when young children spend a little too much time playing with their Tonka Trucks as kids, they don't outgrow their obsession with playing around in the dirt. The men and women on "Gold Rush" are a perfect example of this phenomenon. Considering just how often the equipment breaks down on the show (as noted by fans on Reddit) it's almost as if the machines they work with are being treated like plastic toys. And one show personality in particular, Kevin Beets, is familiar with plastic toys in more ways than one.

As per his Discovery profile, Kevin spends some of his spare time painting Warhammer figurines when he isn't repairing heavy duty mining equipment that is only slightly more expensive than a full Warhammer army. All joking aside, Kevin provides some valuable help repairing broken machines and replacing worn-out parts to keep the operation going smoothly on "Gold Rush." When he isn't getting dirty in the Yukon, he likes to spend quality time with his girlfriend, Faith, whom he met at university. Coincidentally, proof of their romantic dalliances made its way into the show in a pretty unforgettable way — for better or worse — which had fans on social media talking.

His girlfriend left her mark on him, and lots of fans noticed

In Season 8, Episode 11, "The Holy Grail," Kevin shows up to work with some ... dark spots, all over his neck. We later find out that yes, they are exactly what they look like: hickeys. 

He admits during the "fresh dirt" segment in Season 8, Episode 16, "Of Monsters and Men" that not only were they his girlfriend's handiwork, but that "she'll be really happy if she sees any of the marks she left on me on the tele ... I don't think you could film around those, there were a lot. 20 hickeys! There were over 20. That's a lot!"  

Based on how he was laughing and smiling during his confession, it seems as though Kevin and his partner were hoping her markings would get noticed — and sure enough, they did. u/Grishara was the first to post about it on Reddit, complaining about Kevin "bragging about his 20 hickeys the girlfriend gave him. The guy is almost 30. That's something teenagers do [...] so cringey I had to cover my eyes." u/ValveTurkey1138 also expressed their discomfort, while u/LeoBannister also commented, simply enough, "Hickeys.....lol..wtf." 

And that isn't even the only Reddit thread where Kevin's hickeys became the main topic of conversation, either. In a show about gold, dirt, and heavy machinery, romantic liaisons aren't typically focused on by producers or fans. But this rare exception was shown some special attention, and once you've seen the image of those hickeys on Kevin's neck, it's hard to forget.